This is a sequel to Mokuba’s Memories, but neither of the Kaiba’s are in it.(obviously)They are mentioned, but they have no other role in this story but that. This is from Yugi-tachi’s POV, so there will be many POV changes. Also, Miya may be mentioned a little bit, but not that much. You do not have to read Mokuba’s Memories to understand this, but it might help if you read it first. And Yami never went to the afterlife and has his own body. And this is set right after the Kaiba brothers died.

Title: Reactions

Summary: What happens when Yugi-tachi finds out about the deaths of the Kaiba brothers? How do they cope? And why haven’t Jounouchi or Yami come to full terms with Seto’s death? Sequel to Mokuba’s Memories

Rating: M for language. It was gonna be T, but I decided last minute to change the rating, for Honda’s reaction.

Pairings: Slight Kamishipping (Seto x Jounouchi x Yami Yugi). Not much though. Seto never got together with Jounouchi or Yami. But both Jounouchi and Yami wanted to. Ends up Dragonshipping (Yami Yugi x Jounouchi). Again, not much. And Peachshipping.

Warnings: Some of the reactions will be the same, since I’m covering all of Yugi-tachi’s reactions. Just a warning there.

Enjoy the story.

One Hour Later

Anzu’s POV

I was walking home from the mall alone when I received the news from Yugi that both Mokuba and his brother were dead. I nearly dropped my cell phone in shock when I heard the news. I asked Yugi how they died, and Yugi told me he didn’t know. I walked faster towards my house until I got there. I then ran into my house and turned on my TV. There it was, Breaking News: The Kaiba Brothers Dead; suicide note found.I sat down as I heard the suicide note read. The suicide note was sad.

Dear Seto,

By the time you find this note, I will be dead. I hope that you are still happy with that gold digging whore and raping me. I couldn’t stand to live anymore, since you never believed me. I hope you are happy with the fact you have an heir to KaibaCorp. So goodbye, Seto and good luck in the future. I love you.

Love, Mokuba.

After that was read, I just sat there, crying. I was upset. Upset because Seto raped his brother and didn’t believe him, which caused Mokuba’s suicide. If Seto wasn’t already dead, I’d kill him. I watched as one of Kaiba’s goons was made CEO and President of KaibaCorp. I wonder what Seto’s wife is gonna say about this.

Honda’s POV

I’m sitting in my house. Yugi just called me and told me to turn on my TV. I do so, and I find out that the bastard Kaiba and his little brother are dead. Suicide it seems. But what do I care? Kaiba was just a bastard that Jounouchi and Yugi’s little pharaoh friend, Yami liked. I know for a fact that they liked Kaiba by the way they always wanted to duel him. As I listen to the suicide note, I get angrier and angrier at Seto Kaiba. For knowingly raping Mokuba. Like I said before, I’m glad Seto Kaiba is dead. I hated him. As for Mokuba, I hope you found peace in heaven. Kaiba, I hope you are rotting in hell.

You deserve to be in hell, Kaiba. I never liked you and I never saw why Jou and Yami ever fell in love with a cold, heartless bastard like you. I hope that those kids your wife is gonna have are not going to turn out like you. Fuck you, Seto Kaiba.

Yugi’s POV

I can’t believe it. Seto and Mokuba Kaiba are dead. When Yami heard this, he ran straight to his room. I could tell he’s upset. He had a major crush on Seto. Too bad when I tell him that Seto raped Mokuba, he’s gonna be even more upset. I feel bad for him. I really do. I can’t take this anymore. I need to check up on Yami. But before I do, I need to finish watching this report. I can tell now that KaibaCorp is gonna go down the drain now that both Kaibas are dead. Unless Pegasus buys out KaibaCorp, then this new CEO is gonna destroy KaibaCorp. Now to go check on Yami.

I really hope Yami’s ok and doesn’t freak out too bad that Seto raped Mokuba.

Jounouchi’s POV

I can’t stop crying. I can’t believe my long time enemy, and one of my secret crushes(the other being Yami), Seto Kaiba is dead. Along with Mokuba. Ok, I’ll admit, I got pissed at Rich Boy when I found out that he raped Mokuba, but I’m more upset at the fact that he’s gone. I turned off my TV after the new CEO was made. I know he hated me. But I’ve always believed that someone likes you if they’re picking on you.

Too bad I’ll never know if Kaiba liked me or not. I hope he’s resting peacefully in heaven with little Mokie. Yeah, I used Kaiba’s pet name for Mokuba. Don’t tell anyone I said it. Or I’ll hurt you. Oh well. At least I’ll have Yami to deal with now. I can always share my feelings with him. I’m hoping he does.

Yami’s POV

My greatest rival is dead. I can’t believe it. I ran out of the living room of the Game Shop after the reporter announced the death of Seto and Mokuba Kaiba. Suicide, I think. I can’t grasp it. How can he be dead? He had a wife and he was going to be a father to twins. There must be something more to this story. I think I might just talk to Yugi and see what he knows. Just then, there’s a knock on my door. It’s Yugi. I let him in and he explains everything to me. I nearly punch my hikari with that information. He’s trying to calm me down, but it’s not working. I’m just too angry.

Three Months Later

Anzu’s POV

It’s been three months since the Kaiba brothers deaths. In that period of time, we all found out that Seto’s wife killed herself and her unborn kids. Apparently, she was a cheating gold digger. I don’t care that much. Honda keeps ranting about how Kaiba is burning in hell for what he did to Mokuba. Both Jou and Yami shut him up, though. They both beat the living hell out of Honda, which surprised me. I kinda always knew that Jou had a thing for Kaiba, but I didn’t know about Yami. I always thought he had a thing for Yugi. So after that fight, Honda ended up getting together with Otogi, and they moved out to New York. Oh and Pegasus ended up buying out KaibaCorp, so this city will still have its duel monster tournaments and some new games.


Yami and Jounouchi were walking to the arcade, hand in hand. No one knew that they were together. Well, Yugi suspected something was going on between the two, but he didn’t say anything. As they were walking to the arcade, Yami suddenly stopped.

“Yams, why’d you stop?” Jou asked, with a worried look on his face.

“Jou, I don’t want to hide anymore. It’s been bugging the shit out of me that no one knows about us, koi.” Yami replied.

“Oh. Well, we are going to the arcade, where Yugi and Anzu are gonna be. We’ll tell them then.”

“But what if they don’t accept us?” Jou didn’t say anything, but instead pulled Yami closer and kissed him. “Relax Yami. They will understand and accept us. If they don’t, then what kind of friends would they be? Friends stick together to the very end. You should know this.” Yami relaxed as he let Jou take his hand again. “Ok. Now let’s go tell our friends about us.”

They continue on to the arcade, where Yugi and Anzu were. They were already together at this point; they have been together for two months.

Yugi’s POV

I see Yami coming towards me and Anzu with Jou, and boy, do they look nervous. They must be hiding something important. But that’s just me. I look over at Anzu, who apparently notices the same thing. Well, let’s find out what’s going on here.


Yami and Jou walk over to Yugi and Anzu. “Hey guys, what’s up?” Yami asked. Jou didn’t say anything, as he was starting to get nervous. “Yami, what’s up with Jou?” Yugi asked. “Jou. Are you ok?” Anzu asked, with a concerned look on her face. Jou looked up. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just nervous, that’s all.” Jou replied.

“Nervous about what, Jou?”

Jou’s POV

“Yami and I have something to tell you.” I said. Here we go. Let’s hope they take it well. Yami just stares at me, as if he was telling me to relax. Well Yami, I don’t think I can relax. But I think I can do it. Wish me luck.

“Is it that you and Yami are together?” Yugi asked, with a smirk on his face.

“AIBOU! How did you find out?” Yami yelled. Well that was easier than I thought. Though I had no idea how Yugi figured it out. Oh well. The secret’s out now.


“I figured it out about a month ago. I caught you and Jou kissing each other.” Yugi said. “I would yell at you Yugi, but since you’re my light, I’m not going to.” Yugi smirked. “I know you wouldn’t yell at me. I’d give you my puppy dog face, and you would have cracked, like you usually do if you did yell at me. So how long have you two been dating?”

“Yami and I have been dating about three months, give or take a couple of days after the funerals.” Jou said, with pain in his voice. Both Yugi and Anzu noticed. Yami just turned his head away from the group.

“Guys, are you still upset over the Kaibas?” Anzu asked. Jou and Yami both flinched. “By the way you both flinched, I’d say that you’re still upset. Why are you still upset over them?”

“It’s because we both fell in love with Seto before..” Jou choked, then stopped and started to cry. Yami held Jou in his arms, crying along with him.”I see what’s going on here, Anzu. Yami and Jounouchi fell in love with Kaiba and never got a chance to tell him before Seto went off the deep end.” Yugi explained.

“Sorry Yugi.” Jou said. “I didn’t mean to bring it up. Me and Yami were planning on keeping it a secret. Me and my big mouth Yams, are you ok?” “No Jou, I’m not. But I think I will get over it eventually. Let’s go hang out. I bet you I can beat you in duel monsters this time, Yugi.” Yami said, with a big smile on his face. Yugi smiled right back at him. “You’re on, mou hitori no boku!” With that, Yugi and Yami ran off into the arcade to duel each other. Jou just stood there, with a sad look on his face.

“Don’t worry, Jou. I know you and Yami will get over Kaiba eventually. You have each other, that’s all you need, along with your friends. Things will look up for you guys.” Anzu said, with a smile on her face. Jou gave her a small smile. “Thanks Anzu, you sure know how to cheer a guy up.” Jou replied. Jou and Anzu run into the arcade, where Yugi and Yami were dueling.

They didn’t see the ghost of Seto Kaiba behind them.


Finally, the sequel is done. It took me forever to finish, well partly because my laptop was in the shop and partly because I couldn’t kick myself in the ass to finish this. So now it’s done. I hope you enjoyed it.


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