Mokuba’s Memories

Title: Mokuba’s Memories

Summary: For some, the announcement of their brother’s wife’s pregnancy should be a happy one. But for Mokuba Kaiba, it drives him to his death.

Rating: M for language, rape, and eventually death.

Pairings: SetoxOC and SetoxMokuba(sort of)

Warnings: Character death, rape and a lot of angst.

Without further ado, here’s the story. As always, I own nothing (although I wish I did). Yugioh belongs to Kazuki Takahashi and I make no money off of this fanfiction. Also, I’ve had a rough day so this is why it’s gonna be really angsty. FML. And I apologize in advance for the flashbacks. They are necessary.

Blah..- Mokuba talking.

Blah..- Flashback(No POV)

Mokuba POV

I’ve dealt with a lot of shit in my life, but this time, shit has hit the fan. My brother, Seto Kaiba has just announced that his wife Miya is pregnant with twins. I should be happy about this, but I’m not. I know for a fact that Miya is a gold digging, trailer trash whore. I know this because she admitted it to me before the wedding a couple of years ago.

Mokuba was walking into the bride’s room. He knocked on the door, and when he heard a faint “Come in”, he walked in. She wasn’t very happy. “What do you want?” Miya asked.

“Why are you doing this, Miya? Why are you doing this to niisama?” Mokuba replied. “I’m doing this for the money, you insolent brat. Do you think I actually love is Seto? Please. He’s worthless to me. I only love him for his money. Now get out, so I can finish getting ready. Don’t even think about ratting me out to Seto either. I’ll just tell him that you were being mean to me.”

“Fine then. But I assure you, Miya, that Seto WILL find out that you are a whore and a gold digger.” Mokuba walks out and heads to Seto’s room, where he was pacing. “There you are, Mokie. I was gonna go search for you if you weren’t here soon.” Seto said. “You don’t look so good, Mokuba. Are you ok?” “Yeah, Seto I’m fine. Just nervous. Are you nervous at all?” Mokuba asked. Mokuba wasn’t going to tell Seto that his future wife was a gold digger.

“Just a little. Thanks again for agreeing to be my best man, Mokie. It means a lot to me.”

“No problem, Seto. Thanks for inviting Yugi-tachi.” “You’re welcome.” No words were said after that. Ten minutes passed.

“It’s time Mokuba. Let’s go.” Seto said.

They left the room and the wedding started.

I was going to tell Seto about Miya after they had come back from their honeymoon, but I was busy planning my friend’s wedding(which went well). A few months passed since my brother’s wedding, and I hadn’t told him yet. So I had decided to tell him when he was either away from KaibaCorp, or away from Miya, both of which were damn near impossible to do. Seto was 22, married and the CEO of KaibaCorp. I was only 18 and still considered a kid in my brother’s eyes. He wouldn’t listen to me, I thought. But I had to do it. I had to tell my brother that Miya was a gold digger.

Mokuba walked into KaibaCorp with a grim look on his face. He wasn’t looking forward to what he was going to say to Seto about what he had seen. He had seen Miya in a coffee shop, kissing another man. He looked at Miya in shock, then turned around, left the coffee shop and headed to Kaiba Corp. He heads towards his brother’s office, when Seto’s secretary stopped him.

“I wouldn’t go in there Mokuba. Your brother is busy.” The secretary said.

“But I need to tell him something important.” Mokuba argued. He walked past the secretary and entered Seto’s office, unnoticed.

“Seto, can I talk to you?” Mokuba asked. Seto looked up from his laptop. “Go ahead Mokuba.” Seto said. Mokuba decided that now was not the time to be scared and decided to spit it out, before Seto got frustrated with him. With this revelation, though, Seto will be pissed. “Seto. I think Miya is cheating on you.” Seto stopped typing on his laptop and looked at Mokuba, not saying anything. “I know this because I saw her kissing another man at the coffee shop a few minutes ago.”

“I don’t believe you. Now get out of my office before I send in security, Mokuba.” Seto said. “Fine. But I need to say this. Your wife is a trailer trash, gold digging whore, who’s after your money Seto.” Mokuba started to leave when Seto pulled him back in the door. He locked his door, then pushed Mokuba to the ground.

“My wife is not a whore; nor is she a gold digger, Mokuba.” Seto said with venom in his voice. “Yes she is, Set..” Mokuba started to say, but Seto slapped him. Mokuba stared at him in shock. “Seto?” Mokuba asked, trying to get up. Seto snapped. He pushed Mokuba back down again, straddled his hips and started to unbutton Mokuba’s shirt. When he got that done, he took it off. “Seto, stop. I’m your brother.” Mokuba pleaded. Seto just ignored him.

“Let me show you what happens when you accuse my significant other of something she didn’t do.” Seto said sadistically.

Warning: Rape ahead; don’t read if you don’t like.

Seto pulled Mokuba up off of the ground. He dragged Mokuba to his couch, took off the rest of Mokuba’s clothes and then pushed him onto the couch. Seto took off his own clothes, where a prominent erection was showing. Seto straddled Mokuba and then placed his lips on Mokuba’s. Mokuba tried to push Seto away, but couldn’t; Seto was just too strong for him.

Seto forced his tongue in Mokuba’s mouth; the taste was disgusting to Mokuba. They stayed like that for minutes, until Seto decided to grind into Mokuba. Mokuba decided not to say anything in case he got slapped again. Seto stopped his grinding. He stopped straddling his hips into Mokuba’s and got off of him.

Mokuba thought the worst was over until he felt a warm heat around his member. Seto started to deep throat Mokuba. Seto kept at it, until Mokuba released. ‘Thank god it’s over”, Mokuba thought as Seto took his mouth off of Mokuba’s dick. Just then, Mokuba felt pain that made him scream. Seto had pushed into Mokuba’s virgin ass, with no prep or warning whatsoever. Mokuba started to scream, but stopped immediately. “Fuck, I forgot he had soundproofing in this office” Mokuba thought. Seto continued pounding into Mokuba until he released inside of him.

Seto pulled out, and immediately pushed back into Mokuba. He repeated this process for 2 hours. 2 hours later, he pulled out.

End rape scene

He redressed himself, then redressed Mokuba, who was unconscious. Seto called security, who came up to his office and threw Mokuba out of KaibaCorp, still unconscious.

I barely recovered from that. Seto had damaged me on the inside, and destroyed my pride. After that, I went back to the mansion, had a moving truck move all of my stuff and move into another mansion, away from Seto(I had taken all of my money out of the bank, and canceled my account). So that’s what happened with my life with for the past three years. Now, after hearing that my brother is going to have an heir to KaibaCorp, I head back into my mansion. I go into my room, write a note for Seto, telling him I hope he’s still happy with getting away with rape and still happy to still be with that gold digging whore. I sign the note.

I grab my shotgun, and as I think of my last thought Seto I love you, I hope you are happy now that I’m gone, I point the gun to my head and pull the trigger.


Goodbye world, it was nice knowing you. I drift into unconsciousness, now dead.


Epilogue Number 1- Seto POV

I was pissed. I found out that Miya was cheating on me and was planning on divorcing me. Mokuba was right; she was a trailer trash, gold digging whore. But what am I going to do? I know for a fact that those twins are mine. Miya just walked into my room. She throws the ring back at me, telling me that she’s divorcing me and the kids aren’t even mine. She just admitted that she’s been cheating on me. I told her that I knew she was cheating and I should have trusted my brother.

She walks out of my room, and hopefully my mansion. I just sit there on my bed, thinking. I just realized that I knowingly raped my younger brother. I scream to myself and go off to find my brother; my Mokie.

Two hours later, I find Mokuba’s mansion. I walk inside, since there isn’t any butlers or maids to answer the door and try to find Mokuba’s room. When I found it, I smelled blood, and gun powder. I look towards Mokuba’s bed and find him there. Dead. With a note by his dresser. I walk over to the dresser and grab the note and read it.

Dear Seto,

By the time you find this note, I will be dead. I hope that you are still happy with that gold digging whore and raping me. I couldn’t stand to live anymore, since you never believed me. I hope you are happy with the fact you have an heir to KaibaCorp. So goodbye, Seto and good luck in the future. I love you.

Love, Mokuba.

I finish reading the note. I realize that I’ve started crying. I can’t take it. I can’t live knowing I raped my brother. This is it. I grab the gun Mokuba used to kill himself. I put the gun to my head and pull the trigger.

BANG! Goodbye world. I fall to the floor, next to Mokuba’s bed, dead.

Epilogue Number 2- No POV

By the time the cops discovered the dead bodies of the Kaiba brothers, it was a couple of days later. The cops ruled the death of both Kaiba’s a suicide. The world cried for their deaths. Miya was discovered dead a couple of weeks later. A vice president took over KaibaCorp, and Yugi-tachi were shocked when they heard the Kaiba brothers and Seto’s wife were dead.

This is the end of the story. Seto learned a lesson the day he killed himself: Always trust your siblings.


Wow. This was a story I needed to write to get the anger out of my system. I don’t know where the rape scene came from, it just came to me while I was writing it. I know this was angsty, but it needed to be written. I hadn’t planned on killing both Kaiba brothers, but I realize that once you rape someone you love, you can’t live on, knowing that you knowingly raped your family member. So that’s why I ended up killing Seto. I hope you enjoyed the story.

Review please.


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