Chapter 1(Somewhat)

“I now pronounce you husband and wife”, the priest said. “Seto, you may now kiss your bride.” Seto pulls the veil out of the bride’s face (who by the way ISN’T me) and kisses her. “Ladies and gentlemen, please stand. Let me introduce you to the new Mr. and Mrs. Seto Kaiba!” I rise and clap for the happy couple as they walk down the aisle hand in hand. They walk out of the church and head towards their reception. If you haven’t figured out who the happy bride is, then let me tell you. It’s Emily. She and Seto tied the knot today, and I was very happy for them. It’s been over four years since I graduated from high school with them, and their relationship progressed very quickly. They were together for less than a year when Emily moved in with Seto and Mokuba and it was only a few months later when they got engaged. They had put off the wedding up until now because of constant working that Seto was doing. He had opened up another Kaiba Land and ran another tournament to see who was going to be the new king of games since Yugi retired to be with Tea full time. Emily was working at a bakery, after she had graduated college this past spring. “Ruthie, are you ok”, Tea asked me. Tea and Yugi were the only ones besides me who were invited to Seto and Emily’s wedding, since well Joey and Sharon moved out of the country to live out Sharon’s dream of becoming a singer. Last I heard from them, Sharon was making it big. Personally, I only think they moved because Seto can’t stand Joey. Before they left, Joey and Seto got into a fight and I had to pull them off.  “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just a little tired. I may not stay at the reception for that long”, I told her. Tea smiles and grabs Yugi’s hand and walks towards their car. “I just realized that I don’t have a ride to the reception”, I thought to myself. I had gotten a ride to the wedding from a friend, and now I needed to get a ride to the reception. “Need a ride”, I heard someone say. I turn around and it’s Mokuba. “Yes I do. Thank you Mokuba”, I told him. “No problem, Ruthie. You are like a sister to me”, Mokuba said. I smile and head towards the limo, where I get in next to Mokuba. The limo takes off and we head to the reception. I didn’t have a date to the wedding, since I didn’t have a boyfriend and I really didn’t want to go searching for my old guy friends from high school like Ryou Bakura or Duke Devlin. I wasn’t planning on going to the wedding until Tea and Emily convinced me. I knew Seto wasn’t going to be happy if I skipped his wedding, so for the sake of his happiness and my job (I work for Seto as his personal secretary) I decided to go to the wedding. We arrive at the Kaiba mansion, where the reception would be held. It seemed that everyone who knew either Seto or Emily were here. I go inside, where I was pulled into a hug by Emily. “I’m glad you could make it Ruthie. I know you didn’t want to come, since you didn’t have a date”, Emily said. “It’s ok, Emily. I am happy to be here to support you guys”, I said with a smile on my face. Just then, Seto walked over to us. “I’ll leave you two to yourselves”, I said. I walk towards the backyard and sit at a table, but not before I grabbed a glass of champagne.  I normally don’t drink, but I needed to get my mind off of things for a bit. I hear the music playing and I see all of these couples dancing with one another. Meanwhile, back in the mansion, Seto had a funny look on his face. “I wonder what that was about, Emily”, Seto said. “I don’t know, babe”, Emily said.  Maybe she’s just a little sad that Atem isn’t here with her. I was hoping she would have gotten over him already, Seto. It’s been four years; she could have found someone else.” “I know Emily. Remember when I told you he called me?”  “Yeah. When are we planning on telling Ruthie that he has another girlfriend?” “Probably never.” “Seto! That’s mean, you know.”  “Just trust me, honey. I think it’s for the best that we don’t tell her. That will make it worse for her.” “Oh alright. Come on, we need to get outside. Everyone is waiting for us”, Emily said. They kiss quickly and go outside where everyone was waiting for them. Back at my table, I was sitting there alone when I saw Seto and Emily dancing out there on the floor. It must have been the first dance as husband and wife, because I really wasn’t paying attention. I finished off my first glass of champagne, and just sat there. The music stopped and I clapped along with the rest of the crowd. Seto and Emily sat down at my table, where I was being quiet. “Ruthie, are you ok”, Seto asked me. “I’m fine. I’m just a little tired. I kinda over did it last night and stayed up talking to Joey and Sharon”, I told him. “Ruthie, I’m your best friend”, Emily said. “But I’m not sure that you are telling us the truth. Tell us what’s really wrong, Ruthie. Is it because you didn’t have a date?” I nod my head and just sit there. “Ruthie, don’t worry. You will find someone. Don’t worry so much about it.” I just nod my head and enjoy the music.



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