Memoirs of a Duelist Chapter 2

Here’s Chapter 2! Enjoy!

Warnings: There is one. But I won’t spoil it for you. And bad language. But you already knew that.

As usual, I don’t own GX. And yes, I added a DSI(DarkSideIncorporated)reference. If you can spot it, you’re awesome.

Kira, as you asked, I made a certain someone a bigger jerk then he needs to be. And that’s because he needs to.

The next morning, I woke up. I found out the night before that Kira and Sierrah were my roommates, so I was kinda happy about that. We walked down to get a quick breakfast, and head towards our first class, which was with Crowler. I sat down next to Sierrah, and we waited until Crowler started to speak.

“Class, today we’re going to find out about field spells. Miss Rhodes, would you care to describe a field spell?” The whole class groaned as she stood up to explain. I whispered to Sierrah “Tell me again why Kira doesn’t have this class?” “Because she decided to switch classes with some Slifer slacker”, Sierrah whispered. “Don’t be so mean, Sierrah!”

“Miss Okapi, would you please explain what Alexis just told us?” Crowler asked me. I stood up. “I know what field spells are, Crowler.” “IT’S DR. CROWLER, YOU DAMN FRESHMAN! LEARN YOUR PLACE!” I heard Chazz yell at me. “Shut it, Princeton. No one wants to hear you. Let me finish explaining”, I said.

The class laughed at him before I continued, “Field spells have the advantage of being able to change the entire state of play for both you and your opponent’s side of the field. Most cards center on boosting ATK, DEF, or both, for cards with specific attributes, or types.” I explained.

“You cheated”, Crowler said. “How the hell did I cheat? I know what my field spells are. I know what traps and spells and monster effects do. I’m a duelist, you know! Why do you think I’m here? And you should know that both of my parents are former Pro League duelists!” I yelled. The class went silent. “Serena, you really shouldn’t have done that,” Sierrah said to me. “I know, but Crowler’s pissing me off.”

“Miss Okapi, Miss Blairwhich, you both are in trouble. Meet me after class, and we’ll discuss your punishment with Chancellor Sheppard.” Crowler said. “I didn’t even do anything!” Sierrah complained. “Well, sucks to be you.” Chazz said, laughing. “SHUT THE FUCK UP, Chazz!” Sierrah yelled. “Now you did something. You said the F word,” Crowler said. “The fuck?”Serena asked. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” “No you won’t, Sierrah.”

“You know what? You two have ruined this class. Class is dismissed. Miss Okapi, Miss Blairwhich, you two are to come with me.” Crowler said. The class left, with the exception of me and Sierrah. “What about Chazz? He was yelling too!” I said.

“So what? Chazz is one of our best freshmen here at the Academy.” Sierrah was going to say something, but wisely shut her mouth when I gave her a look that clearly said to knock it off; we’re in enough trouble already.

We followed Crowler until we got to Chancellor Sheppard’s office. “Come in”, the chancellor said after Crowler knocked on the door. We walk in, and I start to get nervous. It was then when I realized what was gonna happen to me and Sierrah. We were gonna get expelled. I saw it coming, and apparently, so did Sierrah. Crowler closes the door, and we walk over to the nearest chairs.

“Sit, you two troublemakers”, Crowler screeched at us. We sat down on the chairs, and Sierrah had a smirk on her face. “Crowler, what did these two do? It’s only the first day back!” Sheppard asked. “They were talking while I was teaching, and then they both interrupted my class by screaming obscenities and telling Chazz Princeton that no one wanted to hear him.” Crowler explained.

“WE DID NOT SCREAM OBSCENITIES! CHAZZ WAS BEING A COMPLETE BUNGHOLE! HE TOLD ME TO LEARN MY PLACE!” I screamed. “AND SIERRAH WAS JUST TRYING TO DEFEND ME!” “Miss Okapi, calm down. Professor Crowler, you need to stop spoiling Mr. Princeton. In fact, girls, if you don’t tell anyone what I’m about to do, I’ll let you go. But you will still get demoted.” Sheppard explained to us. “Fine”, we said. “But Chazz should be demoted too.” “That works for us.”

We were pissed that we were being demoted to Slifer Red, but at least Chazz was going to be demoted to Ra Yellow. “WHAT? Chancellor Sheppard, you can’t just demote Chazz like that!” Crowler complained. “Dr. Crowler, shut up. I can demote and promote whoever I want.” Sheppard left his desk, and went to his closet, where a shotgun was hiding. He grabbed the shotgun, and walked over to Crowler.

“Crowler, I’m sorry I have to do this, but you’ve been getting on everyone’s nerves, especially mine. I know it’s only the first day back, but I’ve already received reports on how you’ve been treating some people better than others.” Sheppard aimed the gun at Crowler’s head, and before Crowler could say anything, the gun was fired. Crowler fell to the ground, dead.

“Halleluiah, you’ve killed Crowler!” I said. Sierrah just stood there in shock. “Wait. How are you going to explain this to everyone?” Sierrah asked. “Well, no one heard the shot, since my office is soundproof and I never turned on the video cameras for my office. Also, I know how we’re going to get rid of the body.” Sheppard explained. Sheppard called his secretary to go get Professor Banner, and Kira.

Both Sierrah and I didn’t know who Professor Banner was, but we were hoping he would be nice. We sat there in silence for a few moments, looking at Crowler’s dead, disgusting body. “What are we gonna do?” Sierrah asked. “You’ll find out as soon as Professor Banner and your sister show up.”

“Wait, Kira’s not going to be demoted to, is she?” “No she isn’t. Don’t worry, she’ll be fine.” Just then, Professor Banner and Kira showed up, and Banner locked the door behind him. “What happened here, Sheppard?” Banner asked.

We started to explain everything to him and Kira, and by the time we were done, Kira was pissed off at the both of us, for being demoted.

“How could you guys? Who am I gonna talk to now?”

“We’ll still talk to you, Kira. Please don’t be mad. And besides, if you get bored, you could always talk to Chazz.” I said.

“Chazz? As in Chazz Princeton? I thought he was an Obelisk Blue?” Kira asked.

“Not after today he’s not.” Sheppard said. “Chazz Princeton got demoted? Well his brothers won’t be too happy.” Banner said. “Yeah, Chazz is now a Ra Yellow. Oh, Professor Banner, these two”, Sheppard said, pointing at me and Sierrah, “are now Slifer Red’s. After we get rid of the evidence, could you go get new uniforms for the girls?”

“Of course I will. Sierrah, Serena, I’m the dorm advisor for the Slifer Dorm. Welcome!” Sierrah and I both smiled. “It’s nice to meet you, Professor.” I said. “Please, call me Banner.””Ok, Banner.” Sheppard then explains to us how we’re going to get rid of the dead body and the gun that he used to kill Crowler. Sierrah and Kira were assigned to burn the body without recognition, with Banner helping them.

I was assigned to help Sheppard to burn the gun, and to write some sort of note saying that Crowler quit working at Duel Academy. We ended up throwing both the body of Crowler, and the shotgun into the volcano, which almost erupted. We rushed back to Sheppard’s office, where Chazz was waiting. He didn’t know that he was going to be demoted to Ra Yellow. I whispered to Sierrah “This is gonna be fun.” She nodded her head in approval.

“What did you want, Chancellor?” Chazz asked. “You’re being demoted to Ra Yellow for your behavior in class and towards other students. Most notably Jaden Yuki and Syrus Truesdale.” Chancellor Sheppard said. Chazz stood still for a few moments, and then blew up. “WHAT? YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! I’M CHAZZ PRINCETON FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! JUST WAIT UNTIL MY BROTHERS FIND OUT ABOUT THIS, SHEPPARD!” Chazz yelled.

“Your brothers already know about this, and although they don’t agree, they do think you are a spoiled brat who needs to respect other people.” Sheppard said.

Just then, Chazz noticed that Crowler was missing. “Where’s Professor Crowler?” “He quit. He couldn’t take it, being harassed by students for losing to Jaden.” I said. “More like he couldn’t take you two interrupting him”, Chazz said. “Chancellor Sheppard, may I kick Chazz please?” I asked nicely. “Yes you may,” he replied. I walk over to Chazz and kick Chazz in the nuts. Chazz falls down to his knees.

“Not so tough now, are you rich boy?” I mocked. “I’m gonna get you back for this, Serena. Just watch.”

“Ok, that’s enough. Chazz, you’re a Ra Yellow now, with Kira. Serena and Sierrah, you’re in Slifer Red.” Sheppard said.

Chazz laughed. “You two clowns got demoted to Slifer? Oh my stomach hurts.” He said.

“That’s not all that’s gonna hurt if you don’t knock your shit off, Princeton.” I said.

“Serena, Sierrah, let’s go get your new uniforms, and you can meet your roommates.” Banner said.

Sierrah and I leave Chancellor Sheppard’s office, and head to the Slifer dorm. We made one quick stop at the restrooms, so Sierrah and I could change into our new uniforms. After that, we made it to the Slifer dorms.

“Hey Banner,” I heard Jaden say. “Hey Jaden and Syrus, come meet your two new roommates.” Banner said. We walk into our new dorm room, and see Jaden Yuki and Syrus. “Hi there, I’m Serena Okapi and this is one of my best friends, Sierrah Blairwhich.” I said, extending my hand.

“We’ve met before, Serena” Jaden said, taking my hand and shaking it. “Nice to meet you ladies”, Syrus said. “I’m sure you’ve met my older brother already.” “I have,” I said. “I flew in the plane with him and those idiots the Princeton brothers on the way here to Duel Academy.” “You flew with them?” “Yeah, I did. Oh and Jaden, Chazz got demoted”, I said. “WHAT?” “Jaden screamed. “He did, Jaden. I saw it too”, Sierrah said. “He’s a Ra Yellow now.” Jaden smirked.

“He’s probably pissed”, Syrus said. “He is. He flipped out.” “I’ve got an idea; let’s go get something to eat. I’m hungry.” Jaden said. We all agreed with him and went to go get dinner.

By the time we were done, we were all tired. Well at least Sierrah and I were. Jaden and Syrus were dueling. Sierrah and I decided to go to bed, excited to see what was going to happen now that Crowler was dead and Chazz was in Ra Yellow.

End Chapter 2

I know this one’s not as long as chapter 1, but I hope you enjoyed it. Next chapter will have more Chazz and other characters I haven’t introduced yet. Also, there will be bit of a time skip. Not a big one, but still. A timeskip.


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