Memoirs of a Duelist Chapter 1

Here’s a new GX story. There’s no yaoi in this one, so there’s not many warnings in this one. Just a bit of bad language. Enjoy.

Title: Memoirs of a Duelist

Rating: T for Teen

Genre: Romance/Humor/General

Summary: When Serena joins Duel Academy, her world turns upside down. She even finds out she’s not who she really is.

Warnings: I will not be following the GX plotline. Much. Also, my duel writing skills suck, so there probably won’t be many duels. Sorry about that. And no Chumley either. I just don’t like him for some reason.

Parings: Jaden/OC, Jesse/OC, Zane/OC(Maybe), Chazz/OC, Syrus/OC.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Yugioh GX. Although I wish I owned Jesse or Zane.

Dedication: To Sierrah and Kira: You two are my inspirations for this(and sorry Sierrah for using Okapi for my OC’s last name. Hope you don’t mind). I love you both.

I’ve always wondered what it was like to duel with the pros. Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to duel. My parents were always supportive of me. I grew up with my parents dueling. Granted, they weren’t as good as the King of Games himself, Yugi Motou, but they were good enough for the Pro League. I’m proud of my parents.

“Serena, are you ready to go to Duel Academy?” my mom asked me. Now before I answer her, let me tell you about myself. My name is Serena Okapi. I’m 14 years old, and I’ve got blue hair. I’m on the short side, as I’m only 4’9. I’m using a Harpies’ Lady Deck, and I’m pretty good at using it. I’ve got no allergies and I don’t wear glasses.

“Yes mom, I am. How do you know I’m even going to get in? I may have passed the written part, but how do you know I’m gonna pass the dueling part?” I asked her. “Serena. Don’t worry. With your dueling skills, you’re going to pass that exam and get into a good dorm. We believe in you Serena.” Mom said.

“I guess.” I said. “Now let’s get going, Rena. You have a duel to win and a school to get into.” My dad said, with a smile on his face. We leave the house, and drive to where the entrance exams were. I had taken the written part of the exams a couple of weeks ago, and I did pretty well on them. I believe I got a 97 on them.

Anyways, we arrive at the place where the exams were held, and I got out of the car. “Good luck honey. We love you” My parents said to me before they threw my stuff at me and drove off.” Great. They throw my stuff at me. That’s a good way for your parents to tell you they love you. “I wonder why they told me to pack all of my stuff.” I thought to myself.

I walk to the door, where there’s a guard. “Name?” The guard asked. “Serena Okapi.” I said nervously. The guard checked his list, and looked up at me in shock. “A ninety-seven? I’m impressed. Well, walk through these doors, Miss Okapi, wait for further instructions and welcome to Duel Academy.” “Thank you,” I said, with a smile on my face. I walk through the doors, and look around. There were duelists everywhere I turned.

“Miss?” another guard turned to me. “Yes?” “We need to take your bags. Now that you’re a part of Duel Academy, you will have your bags sent to your appropriate dorm, once you’re sorted in, that is.” “Ok, that’s fine.” I said. I handed my bags to the guard. “Now if you would follow me, I will show you where to go for your first duel”. I followed the guard to the dueling fields. There was a long line of duelists waiting to be tested. I waited my turn in line, where I watched many duelists win and lose. Finally, after an hour of waiting, it was my turn. There was a man that looked like a clown to me.

“Hello there. My name is Professor Crowler. What’s your name?” “I’m Serena Okapi.” “Nice to meet you, Serena. Now if you would go to field 2, your opponent will be waiting for you.” I thank Professor Crowler and walk towards the second field, where my opponent was waiting.

(A/N: I’m not good at writing duels, even after watching the shows and playing the card game, so I will probably just skip the duels.) After 30 minutes of dueling, I finally had my strongest card on the field. I attacked my opponent and won the duel. Crowler came over to me. “Congratulations, Miss Okapi. You’re an excellent duelist. You’ve been placed in Ra Yellow. Here’s all of the stuff you need. Put your uniform on and join your fellow duelists, and once again, welcome to Duel Academy.”

Crowler walks away, but not before placing a huge shoulder bag in my hand. In the bag, was my outfit, (in my size, of course. I didn’t doubt why they asked for my height) my new duel disk, and my student ID. I stand there for a second and I have tears in my eyes. I can’t believe I made it to Duel Academy.

I walk away so I can look for a bathroom, and when I can’t find one, I go up to a fellow duelist, who’s an Obelisk Blue and I ask “Excuse me, could you tell me where the nearest bathroom is?” “Sure. Follow me.” I follow her to the bathroom.

“Here you go.” “Thank you. I appreciate it.” I go into a stall, and change into my uniform. I look at myself in the mirror, and I look pretty damn good.

When I came out of the bathroom, I was stopped by the same duelist who had helped me find the bathroom. “I can tell your new here. It’s ok, I am too.” the duelist said, with a smile on her face. “Yeah, I am. I’m kinda nervous.” “I’ll help you out. I’m Alexis Rhodes.” “I’m Serena Okapi.” I said, with a smile on my face. We walk to where all of the other duelists are, as I’m surprised that there are so many.

I gasp, as I spot one of the reasons I’ve wanted to go to Duel Academy. “Alexis. Is that who I think that is?” I ask her, with my mouth wide open. She stares at me, and I point at the dark blue haired duelist. “Oh, him. Yes, that’s Zane Truesdale. One of the best duelists ever to attend Duel Academy. The reason why I know this is because my brother attends Duel Academy with him.” she explained. “Oh.”

Just then there was an announcement on the speaker. “Would Jaden Yuki report to field seven for his exam?” “Looks like we have a slacker, Alexis.” “Yeah, tell me about it.” “Let’s go see who he’s dueling.” We walk over to field seven, where this Jaden kid was about to duel.

I gasped when I saw when who he was dueling. “Isn’t that Professor Crowler?” “Yep. They must have run out of duelists, so they’re using him to test Jaden.” “Jaden probably won’t last long. I heard Crowler’s a pretty good duelist.” “He is.” The duel went back and forth, but when it looked like Jaden was going to lose, Jaden ended up beating Ancient Gear Golem and winning the duel. The crowd watching was shocked, including me. Jaden ended up being put into the Slifer Red dorm, the lowest of all dorms.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s now time to board the plane. The plane will take you to your home for the next four years, so take this time to say hello to your new classmates.” Crowler said, with some anger in his voice.

“Crowler’s angry and I can’t blame him” I thought to myself. “Serena, I’ll see you around, ok?” Alexis said. “Ok, it was nice to meet you.” I said. “You too.” She walked off.

“Great. I don’t know where the plane is. I guess I’ll just follow everyone else.” I said to myself. “Hey, are you looking for the plane?” a deep voice asked me. I turned around, and there was Zane Truesdale. “Yes I am. Could you show me where to go?” I asked.

“Sure. Follow me,” he said. I followed him until we got to a small plane. “Is this it?” “Well, this is my personal plane. I was hoping you’d fly with me and some friends.”

“Of course I will.” “Well, come aboard.” I followed him onto the plane, where I got the shock of my life. There before me were the two Princeton brothers and if my hunch was correct, was the third one.

“First of all, I need to know your name.” “Oh, sorry. I’m Serena Okapi.” I said, with a faint blush showing. “I see your blush there Serena. I can tell that you know who I am. Or at least I think you do.” Zane said. “I know who you are. I know who all of you are, well almost all of you.” I said, pointing at the smaller duelist next to the Princeton brothers. “Don’t be shy, Serena.” “Yeah, why be shy?” the smaller duelist asked sarcastically.

“Chazz, why are you being mean?” one of his brothers demanded. “I’m sorry, Serena. Chazz is just mad that Zane brought someone else on the flight with us,” his other brother explained. “Serena, the one who just yelled at Chazz is Slade Princeton. The other one is Jagger Princeton. They’re both at the top of the financial and political world.” Zane explained. “And you just met Chazz.” “It’s nice to meet you all”, I said. I sat down next to Zane, and the plane takes off.

“So Serena, tell me. Where are you from?” I’m from the city. I grew up with two parents who loved to duel. Even though I’m an only child, I’m happy that I grew up with the parents I had. I got to watch them duel in the Pro League.” I said. “I’m curious. What was your score on the written exam?” Chazz asked. “A 97. Why do you ask?” “If you got a 97, shouldn’t you be an Obelisk?” “Normally, yes, Chazz, but I watched her duel. She can improve. That’s why she’s a Ra Yellow” Zane said.

“You watched my duel?” I asked. “Yes.” I blushed again. “Sorry for all of the blushing, Zane. You’re the reason why I wanted to come to Duel Academy.” Zane didn’t say anything; instead he blushed. We were quiet for a few more hours, and then the captain spoke. “Mr. Truesdale, we will be reaching Duel Academy in a few minutes.” “Yes captain.” Zane said. I looked out the window, as did Chazz. “It’s beautiful,” I said. “I know.” Zane said.

We land the plane and everyone but Chazz’s brothers get off the plane. Chazz spoke to his brothers for a few moments, and then his brothers left. “Well Serena, it was nice getting to know you, but it’s time to get to the opening ceremonies. You too, Chazz.” Zane said. “Whatever, Zane, I’m outta here.”

Chazz walked off. I said goodbye to Zane and walked around until I bumped into someone. “I’m sorry.” I said. The duelist turned around. It was that Jaden kid. “It’s ok. Hi there, I’m Jaden Yuki.” “Hi there Jaden, I’m Serena Okapi.” We walked around until we found the opening ceremonies. “I’ll see you around Jaden.” “Ok.” I sat down with the other Ra Yellow students. “Hi there”, a pair of twins said to me. “Hi. I’m Serena.” I said.

“I’m Kira, and this is Sierrah. We’re the Blairwhich twins.” Kira said. Before I could answer them, the chancellor came on stage. “Welcome students to another year to Duel Academy! For those who don’t know me, I’m Chancellor Sheppard.”

The students clapped. Chancellor Sheppard spoke for another 45 minutes before we were released to our dorms. I tell you, that speech was boring. But I giggled when Chazz was picking his nose. Anyways, I followed Kira and Sierrah to the dorms, where we ate dinner and went to bed.

Little did I know that life at the Academy was going to get weird.

End Chapter 1

You guys will meet everyone else(besides Chumley) next chapter. Read and Review please!


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