Love, Life and War- Chapter 1

It was the end of the duel, and Yugi had just beaten Yami in the final duel that would decide the Pharaoh’s fate.  Yugi Motou knew what that meant, as he immediately went down on his knees, bursting into tears.

“Congratulations! Well done”, Yami said as he walked over to Yugi, who was still crying. Yami knelt down onto his knees to console Yugi. “Yugi, a champion doesn’t belong on his knees. You achieved a great victory for us both.”  “I was focusing so hard on playing the game that I forgot what winning this Duel would actually mean. By defeating you I’ve sent you away… for good”, Yugi said.

“No, you have opened the door for me! Thanks to you my spirit can finally be at rest once again: I’ll be back where I belong. Fate brought the two of us together for a reason, and we fulfilled our destiny. We’ve protected mankind from the return of the Shadow Games and we’ve both grown tremendously along the way.” “I’m gonna miss you.”

“You do realize we’ll never truly be apart right?” “Huh?!” “The gift of kindness you’ve given me and the courage I’ve given you will remain with us, and that will forever bind us together.”

Meanwhile, while Yugi and Yami were saying their goodbyes, a young girl next to Tea Gardner was crying heavily. Her name was Lizzie. She was a little on the short side, although not as short as Yugi, and she was about the same age about everyone else in the group, well except for Ishizu and Odion.  She stood there silently with tears going down her face, as she watched Ishizu explain to everyone what happens now that Yami has lost his duel.

“Now that the battle ritual is complete, the Eye of Wdjat that guards the door to the Spirit World has awakened, and the Spirit of the Great Pharaoh which was trapped within the Millennium Puzzle for 5,000 years is now free. The time has arrived: tell the Eye of Wdjat your name” Ishizu said. Lizzie watched as Yami (well real name Atem, as she knew since she was there when the pharaoh found out his name, thanks to everyone in their group) said his real name and the door opened and as he walked towards the door, he was interrupted. “Pharaoh”, everyone said.

“Don’t go!” Tea said. “So that’s how it ends huh? Nice! You think you can just go up and change everybody’s life and then just leave?” Tristan asked. After Tristan said that, everyone started crying, well except for Seto Kaiba. He didn’t cry; instead he had a poker face, staring at the pharaoh.

“What Tristan means is: we don’t wanna say goodbye”, Yugi said.  “Exactly. Pharaoh, I know walking through that door means your spirit will finally be free and it’s all for the best, but it doesn’t seem fair. I mean, I feel like we’re all just getting to know you. In fact you were just beginning to get to know yourself, and now you’re being taken away from us! I know we should be happy for you, but it’s really hard to do that when you’re losing your best friend and you just don’t understand why it has to be that way”, Tea said.

“I guess there are some things you’re not SUPPOSED to understand. Just look at me: I got through half my life not understanding what’s going on. But I know that true friends may be hard to leave, but they’re impossible to forget. And even though his stay wasn’t as long as we would have liked, we’re lucky we knew him at all”, Joey told her.

Yami continued walking towards the door, but he stopped when Joey yelled out to him “Hey Pharaoh, I hate to break the terrible news to ya but you’re not going anywhere, ’cause everything you’ve given us stays right here in our hearts!” Yami replied “Right!” “Like we always say: ‘IT’S YOUR MOVE’”, Yugi said with a small smile on his face. Yami enters the doorway and his clothes change to those of Pharaoh Atem. On the other side of the portal are his family, friends, and Sacred Guardians KarimShadaIsisManaShimonAknadin, King AknamkanonPriest Seto,  and Mahad. The doorway closes behind him. The ground and walls start to crumble. The Millennium Stone disintegrates and the Millennium Items fall down a chasm in the ground. As Lizzie and the rest of the group leave the resting place of the pharaoh, Lizzie thought she saw Shadi watching them leave. She shook the feeling off as she and the group went up to higher ground.

They get out in time and make it out of the resting place. “Now that the Pharaoh has returned to the next world, the Millennium Items have been permanently sealed and our duty as the Pharaoh’s tombkeepers is finally complete”, Ishizu said.

“So this is the end? Feels weird…” Tristan said. Joey agreed with him, as Lizzie just stood there in complete silence. : “What were you geeks expecting”, Seto asked.

Lizzie stared at him. “Man, I want to murder him. He is a complete asshole and I hate the way he treats us”, Lizzie thought. “Watch it, Kaiba! You don’t have to be so rude”, Lizzie told him.

“And why should I”, Seto asked. “Because this is supposed to be a sad moment. You don’t have to go off and be rude to everyone. You were disrespectful during the duel and I won’t stand for it at all.” “Whatever”. Seto walks off with Mokuba.

“Ok, now to answer rich boy’s question I was expecting fireworks… sappy music… something! At least make one of your wrap-up speeches Yugi!” Joey said. Yugi nods.

“Well, sometimes the end of ONE adventure is just the beginning of another”, Yugi said. “Ah… much better!”  After that was said, everyone headed off to say goodbye to Marik and Ishizu, then headed to the airport to head home. Little did they know that newfound romances were headed their way to cause some trouble within the group.

A few weeks later, things seemed back to normal at school , although it was a little different with Yami being gone.


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