Final Chapter and a preview to the sequel

A/N: I know this is a short chapter, but I had such a hard time writing this chapter, I couldn’t think of anything else to say. And yes, this is the final chapter. I renamed the story, since the plot of this story changed when I was writing it. I wasn’t hoping for this story to end, but I needed to end it so I can work on my sequel to it and so I can work on my other fics. Thanks again to everyone who has read, reviewed, favorited, and put me on story/author alerts. I really appreciate this. At the bottom, is a preview to the sequel. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Peace and Love, RuthieElz.

Warning: Character Death (Nothing major, of course)

A couple of weeks later, it was the day of the big dance, prom. Both Tea and I were really excited for it, considering that we have good looking dates. Atem hasn’t told me anything about what we were going to do for dinner or what we are doing after prom, but it doesn’t worry me too much. Knowing him, he’s gonna surprise me in every way imaginable. Seto decided to spill the beans on his relationship with Emily, which surprised everyone but me and Atem, since we already knew. I’m happy that they are together. They were meant for each other. I had warned her about Seto and his hair, but she didn’t listen to me. We were getting ready for prom by having Mai do our hair and makeup, since she wasn’t going because she had graduated two years earlier. A few hours later, it was time for Mai to come over and get our hair and makeup done. While she was getting Tea’s hair and makeup done, I took my shower and waited patiently for my hair and makeup to be done. “Tea, I am really excited for prom”, I told her. “I know me too. I can’t wait to see what Yugi is up to when it comes to tonight. What do you think Atem is planning”, she asked me. “I have no idea. Like Yugi, he’s going to surprise me. All I know is that he is picking me up at seven for dinner and it’s about 5:30 right now”. Mai is done with Tea’s hair and makeup and while she was doing mine, Yugi showed up. “Ruthie, I’m leaving now”, Tea said. “Ok, I’ll see you at the dance”, I yelled. She and Yugi leave and suddenly I start to get nervous.

I’ve never been this nervous in my entire lifetime, well since that disastrous date with Seto. I have a good feeling that Atem is going to be in an excellent mood tonight. “There you go sweetie, you look amazing”, Mai said. “Thanks, Mai”, I told her, giving her 100 bucks for me and Tea’s hair. She leaves and I go into my room so I can get my dress on me. My dress is purple, and really long. When I put the dress on, I looked in the mirror and I looked like a goddess. An hour later (Mai left around six fifteen), Atem shows up. I get his boutonnière out of the fridge and I answer the door. I just stand there, gawking at him like he was some rockstar or something. “Hi, Atem you look really good”, I said. “Thanks. You look amazing yourself,” he tells me. He pins the corsage on me and I pin the boutonnière on him. We leave the house and head to this really fancy restaurant, which I was quite surprised when we arrived. We get out of the limo (turns out that Seto let him borrow one of his limos. I must remember to thank Seto when we get to the dance.) and head inside. We didn’t have to wait for long, for as soon as we got into the restaurant, we were able to get to our table within 5 minutes. I smile as we are shown to our seat. As soon as the waiter leaves to get our drinks, I start blushing deeply. “This is really nice, Atem. I’m glad you asked me to prom”, I said. “You’re welcome Ruthie. I’m glad you are having a nice time”, he said. “I really am having a nice time. How do you think the rest of the group is doing?” “Knowing Yugi, he probably took Tea to some Japanese restaurants, since Tea likes all of that.” “Really now, I couldn’t have guessed”, I asked. He laughed. The waiter comes back with our drinks and takes our order.

An hour later, we were done with dinner and headed to the big dance. We were very talkative during dinner; neither of us eating very much. We were so excited for prom and it showed on our faces. We arrive at the dance, with smiles on our faces. We had decided that the only pictures we took were with Emily’s camera. We went inside, and I looked around. There were a bunch of juniors and seniors everywhere, some with their dates and some brave enough to go on their own. I spot Emily and Seto, who were sitting at a table with Joey and Sharon. Joey was fighting with Seto, which didn’t surprise me at all. I think that Joey and Seto will never get along. Sharon and Emily were trying to get them to stop. Atem and I walk over to the table. “Seto, Joey stop fighting”, I said. They stopped fighting before any punches were thrown. “You guys need to behave. I won’t tolerate this”, Sharon said. They apologized to each other and we all went out to the dance floor and danced the night away. The next day, I woke up next to Atem, with a big smile on my face. We had gotten together last night; after he and I were crowned prom king and queen, we decided that our feelings for each other were going to go away if we didn’t do anything about it. We ended up in this nice hotel room, moaning each other’s names all night long. It was a great night and I was extremely happy this morning. “Morning, Atem”, I said. “Morning, Ruthie. Did you sleep well?” “Yes I did, thanks for asking me.” I smirk as he pulls me down to his lips as we relive the memories of last night.

A few weeks later, it was graduation. Atem and I were happy together, as were Seto and Emily. Joey and Sharon were just as happy. There was some sadness in the air as well. After prom ended, Tristan and Chrystal were shot to death by a maniac who was trying to get revenge on Chrystal for cheating on him or something. It was a sad time for all of us when we found out, especially Joey since Tristan was his best friend. Their funeral was a couple of weeks ago (which Seto paid for) and we were still not over it. It may take months before we are able to move on. With the sadness of Tristan and Chrystal’s death and with graduation being today, there was a lot of stress on the minds of everyone. We sat in the stadium where the ceremony was being held, in alphabetical order in our cap and gowns. The ceremony started off with a tribute to our class, and a very well put tribute to Tristan and Chrystal, which made everyone cry. The ceremony continued with the opening remarks from the salutatorian and then our valedictorian. The principal said some words and then we received our diplomas and marched out of the stadium with tears running down our smiling faces. I run towards Atem and hug him. We stand there for a few moments, before he pulls my face towards his and kisses me. I smile as I pull in to make the kiss deeper. We pull away and he grabs my hand as we walk towards Seto’s limo for the graduation party he was throwing. Knowing Seto, this party is going to be amazing. As we arrive at Seto’s mansion, I have a big smile on my face. “Well there’s a smile I never thought I’d see”, Seto told me. “I know. It’s been a tough couple of weeks. I only wish that Tristan and Chrystal were here with us”, I said sadly. Atem smiles apologetically, as we head inside the mansion for the party. A few hours later, the party had ended and Atem and I were headed back to the house where Tea and I lived. Tea and Yugi were going back to Yugi’s to “celebrate” graduation. Knowing them, they’re already in Yugi’s room going at it with each other. Seto had his limo driver, Roland take us home. When we get back to the house, we walk inside, shut and lock the door and head over to my room, where Atem picks me up and goes into my room, shutting the door behind him so he and I can celebrate our graduation together.

A/N: Here’s a preview to the sequel to this story, which still hasn’t been named:

“Ruthie, we have a surprise for you”, Tea said. I was wondering what she was talking about when a figure from my past walked into the room. I turn around and it’s Atem. I scream and I run towards him (even though I am in heels, I still ran) and try to give him a hug. I was stopped dead in my tracks by some girl. “Hey you, hands off of my boyfriend”, the girl said. “Bitch, who do you think you are? I’m his ex-girlfriend/best friend. You can’t stop me from giving him a hug”, I said coldly. “I’m his damn girlfriend, that’s who! I don’t like the looks of you”. I slap the girl silly and walk away, not even bothering to give Atem a hug.

The first chapter of the sequel will be up shortly after I finish my other fics.


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