Chapter 5

Finally! Chapter 5 is done! I’m currently working on the next chapter, so it should be up as soon as I finish it. Thanks again to everyone who has read and reviewed this story, and put me on their story alert and author alert lists. I really appreciate it. As usual, nothing belongs to me except for the original characters. Now, on to the story!

Chapter 5: Three Months Later and Asking People To Prom


“Ruthie, are you ready to go”, Tea asked me . “Of course I am. Let’s head to school”, I told her. It’s been three months since I decided to be friends with Seto Kaiba. I took it pretty hard at first, but then I got used to it. Yugi and Tea are still together, but I’m still trying to figure out my feelings towards the former pharaoh. Atem goes to school with us, but ever since I told him what happened between me and Kaiba, he’s been ignoring me. I can’t help but think that he’s never going to speak to me ever again. “Tea, do you think Atem’s ever going to talk to me again”, I asked her. “I’m sure he will, Ruthie. He’s just going through a tough time”, she told me. We head out the door and we start walking towards Yugi’s. Once we got to Yugi’s, all of us (Me, Tea, Yugi, Atem, Sharon and Joey and Tristan and Chrystal) got into the limo. Seto decided that he’s going to give us a ride to school every day before he headed to work. Seto does his schooling online now, so he can get more of his work done. Seto closes the door and we head to school. I decide that now would be a good time to confront Atem on why he is ignoring me. “So Atem, why are you ignoring me”, I ask him. He just ignores my question. “Ruthie, I don’t think he wants to talk to you anymore”, Joey said. “Why the fuck not, Joey”, I yell. “Ruthie, calm down. I know you want to talk to him, but if he isn’t going to talk, let him be silent”, Sharon said. “I just want to know why he is ignoring me, Sharon. I miss talking to him, he never comes around the house when Yugi is with Tea, which makes me feel left out”, I told her. “Don’t get angry”, Seto said. I start to get really angry at Atem. “I don’t know what I did to you, but if you are going to be an ass to me, then I can play the same damn game”, I told Atem. I start to cry, which made Chrystal give me a hug, which didn’t make me feel better at all. We get to school, and as soon as the limo stops, I get out and run to my first class, which thankfully Tea doesn’t have.

We’re in the second semester of our senior year and it’s almost time for prom and graduation, which I am not looking forward to. I still don’t have a prom date, but I will never give up hope. The kids at school didn’t make fun of me for breaking up with Seto, and I am glad they didn’t. I was calmed down by the time lunch hit. I grabbed my lunch and sat down to wait for the usual group, well except Atem. I don’t know why, but he sits somewhere else. He used to sit with me and the gang, but after he stopped talking to me, he stopped sitting with us and moved somewhere else away from me. The rest of the group sat down and as soon as we began our usual gossip and start to eat our lunch, Atem comes up to us. I turn away. “Atem, do you want to sit with us”, I heard Tristan ask. “Yes I do”, he answered. “But before I sit down, I need to apologize to Ruthie for ignoring her. I shouldn’t have done that. I know that it was a mistake just to ignore her, but I had some stuff on my mind”, he said. “You had stuff on your mind for three months and you didn’t bother to tell me or anyone else”, I asked him, with some anger in my voice. “Actually, I told Seto, but that isn’t the point, Ruthie”. “You told my ex-boyfriend what was going on? What is wrong with you?” I could feel tears run down my face, but I ignore them. “Ruthie, would you please let me explain?” “Let you explain? Why should I let you do that? You’ve ignored me for three months and you want to explain? Fine, go ahead and explain. Make it good, because I’m about to get ready to explode at you”, I told him. “First of all, I’m extremely sorry about ignoring you. The reason why I ignored you is because I was going through some personal stuff, like my feelings towards you. When you told me that day what happened with you and Kaiba, I told myself I was going to be there for you. Do you remember that I held onto you after Seto left the house? You cried for three hours that day until Yugi and Tea came home.” “I remember. But the day after, you started ignoring me. I want to know why you did that”, I told him. “I ignored you because I thought you weren’t going to want to be my friend anymore.” I laugh.

“That’s all? You could have talked to me about it, you know instead of Seto. I forgive you for everything you’ve done to me, but mostly ignoring me.” Atem smiles and pulls a seat next to me. We start to eat and start talking about prom, which was in a couple of weeks. “So, what are you guys doing for prom”, I asked. “I’m taking Chrystal to a nice restaurant for dinner and I rented a nice hotel room for after prom”, Tristan said with a smirk. “I’m doing the same thing with Sharon, but except I rented a very nice room”, Joey said. Sharon smirked and I couldn’t blame her for that. “I don’t know what Yugi is doing for prom, Ruthie”, Tea said. “That’s because I told you it would be a surprise”, Yugi told her. “You guys are going to have a lot of fun, you know”, I told them. “Ruthie, are you not going”, Sharon asked. “I don’t have a date, or a dress. It’s too late for me to find a nice dress, and no one’s going to ask me to prom”, I told her. Everyone then stares at Atem, and I wonder why they are staring at him. I turn my head and notice my friend Emily sitting there alone. “Emily, would you like to sit with us? You don’t have to sit there alone”, I asked her. She nods her head and pulls a chair next to me and sits down. “Guys, this is my friend Emily,” I introduced her. Everyone says hi and we go back to talking about prom, though Atem was just sitting there silently. I don’t worry about it, though. “So Emily, who are you going to prom with”, Chrystal and Sharon ask her. “I can’t tell anyone”, Emily says. “He said that it’s supposed to be a surprise to everyone.” Just then, Seto Kaiba comes into the cafeteria and people are staring at him, including everyone at our table. He walks over to our table. “Hey Seto, what’s up” I ask him politely. “Hey Ruthie, can I talk to Atem for a few minutes”, he asks. “Of course you can.” Atem leaves the table with Seto, but Emily is staring at Seto with a look. Seto nods his head and continues walking with Atem. “Emily, what was that about?” “I’m going to tell you my prom date now. I’m going with Seto”, she said.

Joey and Tristan spit their sodas out. “Nice. How did he ask you”, I asked. “You know how he’s in our math class sometimes, Ruthie?” “Yeah I do. He helps me with math sometimes. Why?” “He pulled me after class a few days ago and asked me. Of course I said yes, but he told me not to tell anyone until he said I could. He nodded his head so I could tell you all”. “I am so happy you are going with him, Emily”, Tea told her. “Ruthie, you’re not jealous are you”, she asked me. “Of course I am not. Seto deserves someone to go to prom with and I’m glad it’s you Emily. Besides, our relationship didn’t really work out.” Just then Seto and Atem came back, but this time, Atem was holding a dozen roses in his hand. I just stare at him, while everyone was staring at me. “Why is everyone staring at me”, I asked. They didn’t answer; instead they gave me a huge smile. Atem comes up to me, while Emily and Seto leave. Why Emily is leaving, I don’t know. Anyways, I stood up when Atem just stared at me with a smile on his face. “Atem, what is going on here”, I asked him. He gives me the roses and then goes down on one knee. “Ruthie, would you be my date to prom”, he asked me. I start to cry as I give him my answer. “Yes, Atem, I would love to be your prom date”, I answer him. He gets off of his knees and gives me a hug. “Thank you.” We sit back down as we finish our lunch so we can go to our class. After lunch, we head to class. I was in a freaking good mood, because Atem asked me to prom. During class, I couldn’t stop staring at my flowers, which were very pretty. I almost dozed off when Tea had to hit my shoulder to keep me awake. “I didn’t mean to doze off, I’m sorry”, I said. The entire class was looking at me, and then I started to blush. Thankfully, I didn’t get any detention for dozing off. After class, Tea was walking with me to our final class of the day. “Ruthie, what happened back there? Did you really doze off”, she asked. “Yeah, I did. I was thinking about prom. Crap! I don’t have a dress yet, Tea! What am I going to do”, I asked. She just shrugs her shoulders as we get into our final class, which was math. I hate math, but I need it so I can graduate. One hour later, school is over for the day and we head over to Seto’s limo, where he is waiting for us. We get into the limo and we start to drop people off.

Personally, I don’t know how Seto lets us do this and not get annoyed by us, mainly Joey. We stop at the first house, which is Joey’s. “Later Joey”, I said. Sharon gets out of the limo with him. I guess that she’s going to be with Joey. Tristan and Chrystal are next, and as they leave I now notice that Emily is in the limo too as is Mokuba. Me, Atem, Yugi and Tea are the only ones in the limo besides the two Kaiba brothers and Emily, who seems to be sitting really close to Seto. “Hey Emily, did you get your prom dress yet”, I asked her. Yugi and Tea were ignoring us; they were making out with each other. The limo stops at Yugi’s. “Time to get out”, I tell Yugi with a smirk on my face. “I forgot to tell you Ruthie, Tea’s coming over to my house”, Yugi tells me. Great, now he tells me. Tea and Yugi get out of the limo. “To answer your question, Ruthie, no I haven’t gotten my dress yet. I know everyone else has, so do you want to go dress shopping with me”, Emily asks. “Of course I do. This is going to be a blast. Atem, did you want to hang with me”, I ask. “Sure”, he tells me. I smile. “Ok Emily. I shouldn’t be asking this, but as your friend I have to. You are sitting awfully close to Seto. Are you two a couple or not”, I ask. “Uh… Seto, you answer this one”, she tells him. I roll my eyes. “Yeah Ruthie, we are. We are very happy, so don’t you tell anyone”, Seto tells me. “I would never do that to you guys. You guys are my best friends”, I said. Atem looks at me. “What! You’re my best friend too, Atem.” He just laughs. Mokuba is just looking at us funny. “Oh man, I forgot to say hi to Mokuba. Hi Mokuba”, I say to him. “Hey Ruthie, what’s up? I’m not surprised you forgot to say hi to me. Everyone else forgets too. Seto is the only one that doesn’t forget”, Mokuba said. “That’s because you are my little brother, I can’t forget to say hi”, Seto says. I laugh, but Mokuba just gives me an evil look. “Sorry Mokuba, I didn’t mean to laugh.” I look over at Emily and she smiles. “So what day do you want to go get your dress”, I asked her. “How about tomorrow? I am free tomorrow, so we can head out after school”, she says. “That’s fine with me.” The limo stops and me and Atem get out of the limo. “Thanks again for the ride, Seto”, I said. I shut the door and the limo leaves. Atem and I end up on the couch, watching TV.

There you have it, Chapter 5. Hope you enjoyed this. I love to write this story, so I will have Chapter Six up.



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