Chapter 4

A/N: Here’s chapter 4. Hopefully this will sort of make up for the last two chapters, which were short. As usual, I own nothing of this story but the OC’s. I’m just a writer for crying out loud. And again: PLEASE READ AND REVIEW, or I’m sending Atem to give you all a mind crush. Teehee.-RuthieElz

Chapter 4: The Return of Someone Special

OH MY GOD, it’s Atem! How the hell is he here? “Yugi, why is my favorite pharaoh here”, I ask him. “Just go in the room and talk to him yourself”, he tells me with a smile. I walk in the room and close the door behind me and start to cry. Atem walks over to me and gives me a huge hug. Man, it feels good to be back in his arms again. “How are you here”, I asked him, still crying of course. “The gods were nice to me and decided to give me this body to live my life here”, Atem said. “You’re going to live the rest of your life here?” “Yes. It is so good to see you again Ruthie. I missed you very much.” We head over to my bed, where I stop crying. “So, what’s going on? I heard you and Tea and Yugi outside the door. You and Seto Kaiba were together? For how long”, he asked me. “Not long, about two days. He slept with me, and then got pissed because I ruined his hair. Let’s not talk about him anymore”, I told him. “So how did Yugi and Tea react and do Joey and Tristan know yet?” “Tristan and Joey are coming over later to find out about me, so no they don’t know yet. They will find out later. Tea and Yugi freaked out like you did, but I wasn’t expecting Yugi to cry. Tea cried and said that you were going to be happy to see me.” “I am still happy to see you, especially after what happened a few hours ago. I missed you, Atem. I’m glad you are back.” We get up and walk out of the room. Joey and Tristan showed up twenty minutes later and promptly freaked out when they saw Atem. I was very happy because he was here, hanging with us again. I look on the clock and it is about three o clock in the afternoon.

A few hours later, it was six in the afternoon and I had told Joey and Tristan about Seto, even though I didn’t want to. They were totally supportive of me, which I didn’t expect from them. We had dinner, which was spaghetti, which Joey and Tristan ate it all. “Let’s play a game”, Joey said when we had finished dinner. We head into the living room and sit down on the floor. “So what game are we playing”, I asked. Joey and Tristan were looking at each other and then said together “SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!” I groan, then told them “How are we going to play when we don’t have enough girls to play with, you two idiots.” Just then there was a knock on the door. I get up and answer the door, and it’s two girls. “Who are you two”, I ask them. Just then, Joey and Tristan get up and talk to them as I sit down. “Ruthie, Tea, Yugi and Atem. We would like to introduce you to our girlfriends, Sharon and Chrystal.” I never knew that they had a girlfriend. “Nice to meet you. Would you like to play a game with us”, I asked them. “Sure”, Sharon and Chrystal said. They sit down with us and we start to play. Twenty minutes later, three turns have passed and I still haven’t been in the closet yet. I must have the worst luck ever. Tea and Yugi were in there twice, and then Joey and Sharon just got out. Joey spins the bottle and it lands on me and Atem. The room goes quiet as me and Atem stare at the bottle in shock. “Go Ruthie”, Tea said. “You too, Atem”. We walk over to the closet and close the door. “I wasn’t expecting this, Ruthie”, Atem said. I just nod in agreement as I start to get nervous.

Somehow, Atem could feel that I was nervous. “Calm down Ruthie”, Atem said. Strangely enough, I calmed down. He must have his shadow powers still. He pulls me closer to him and for some reason I can’t pull away from him. I can’t help but lean closer to him. He pulls my hand down and he sits on a box. It’s dark in the closet, as I can’t really see him, but I can hear him. Atem pulls me into his lap. Once again I get nervous and I want to know what he is thinking. As if answering my thoughts, he leans into me and kisses me. I’m in shock, but it goes away quickly as I kiss him back. I feel more passion with him then I did with Seto, which made me feel happy for some reason. We pull away after a few moments. My brain is thinking “What the hell did I just do?” while my heart is telling me that I should have done that sooner. Then suddenly, the closet door is opened and there is Tristan. He is in complete shock, as he sees me and Atem. I was still on his lap. I get off his lap and pull him with me out of the closet. “I don’t know what that was, but thank you Atem”, I tell him. He smiles and we walk back into the living room and sit down, with Tristan following behind us.

I spin the bottle and it lands on Tristan and Chrystal, which is a huge relief for me. After they leave, Tea starts talking. “So what happened between you two in there”, she asked me and Atem. “We can’t tell you Tea, you know the rules”, I told her. I saw Atem smirk, which made me laugh. Tea gives me a funny look, but I just ignore it. “So Sharon”, I ask her. “How did you and Joey meet?” “We met in a fast food place”, she tells me. Why am I not surprised by this? “Joey, how’d you end up asking her out”, Yugi asked. As Joey was answering the question, there was a knock on the door. I get up and answer it. I open the door and freak out as soon as I see who it is, which is Seto and Mokuba. “Tea, can you please come here”, I yell at her. She comes to the door. “What the hell are you doing here Kaiba”, she asked him. Yugi goes to the door and just stares at Kaiba with evil eyes. “Mokuba, go inside”, Seto said. I was going to protest, then I stopped. I walk with Mokuba, who sees Joey and Sharon, Tristan and Chrystal, who just came back from the closet, and Atem. Mokuba is in shock when he sees Atem. “What are you doing here”, Mokuba asked. Seto heard the question, but Tea stopped him from looking inside. “Ruthie, Kaiba needs to talk to you”, Tea told me. “I’m not talking to him. He pissed me off today! I hate him”, I told her. I walk over to Kaiba. “Go away! Why can’t you get it through your huge head that I don’t like you anymore! Please go away”, I told him. “Ruthie, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings”, he told me. Atem comes to the front door. “What are you doing”, I asked him. Seto looks straight at him in shock. “I thought you were gone”, he tells Atem. “You thought wrong. Why are you hurting Ruthie, Kaiba? She didn’t need to be hurt like that. Yeah, she told me what happened.” Kaiba got angry. “I don’t like the fact that she tells you everything. I will have her back.” I walk over there. “You won’t have me back, because I don’t like your attitude towards my best friend and you hurt me, Seto. How could you? I loved you, damn it.” I start to cry. Mokuba goes out the door and goes to the limo. Yugi and the rest of the group come to the door. “Ruthie, I’m sorry. You have to forgive me.” Seto goes down on his knees and cries. I just stand there, watching him. “Seto, I forgive you, but I can’t be your girlfriend right now. I just can’t. I hope we can still be friends”, I tell him. “I think we can do that, but I am really sorry.” He gets up off of his knees and gives me a hug. He walks to his limo and leaves.

We go back inside and sit back in the living room. We continue the game. Tristan spins the bottle and it once again lands on me and Atem. Atem smiles as he drags me back to the closet. “Here we go again”, I think. We go into the closet again, and as soon as I close the door, Atem crashes his lips onto mine. I can’t help but think that he has a serious crush on me. I kiss back and pull him closer so I can make the kiss deeper, which I do without him pulling away. We stay like this for a few minutes. We pull apart and I smile. “Atem, you are making me feel better. By the way, how long have you had a crush on me”, I ask him. He smiles, which makes me smile. “I’m glad I made you feel better. To answer your question, I’ve always had a crush on you and you didn’t realize it after I left”, he tells me. I’m glad he told me this, as I was really upset because of Seto. Just then, the door is opened again and this time, Joey tells us that it is time to get out. I’m glad he didn’t catch me on Atem’s lap again. We leave the closet, but this time we are holding hands. I don’t know why we are doing that, as I never thought we would be dating. Before we hit the living room, Atem asked me something I never thought he would ask me. “I know you just got out of a bad relationship with Seto, but would you take a chance on me and be my girlfriend? I would never hurt you and I wouldn’t care if you messed up my hair during sex”, he asked. I thought about it for like three seconds and gave him my answer. Instead of words though, I gave him a huge kiss. “I’m taking that as a yes”. I smile. “Of course that is a yes, my pharaoh”, I tell him. He smiles and we go into the living room with him holding hands. Everyone is in shock, especially Tea and Yugi. “Congrats guys”, Yugi said. He then took Tea’s hand and pulled her off the ground and spun around with her. “Better him then rich boy, Ruthie”, Joey said. Sharon agrees with him. I look at the clock and it’s ten. “Don’t you guys have to go home or something”, I asked. Tea smirked. “I’m spending the night with Yugi again”, she told me. “Tristan and his girlfriend had to leave while you two were in the closet”, Joey said. “That’s fine. I’m just tired as hell. Do all of you have a ride home”, I asked. Tea and Yugi looked at me funny. “Of course we do, Ruthie”, Tea told me. “I just have to pack. I’ll probably see you at school.”

Great, she’s going to be gone for two days, probably leaving me alone with Atem, which wasn’t a bad thing. Joey and Sharon left, but not before saying bye to Atem and I. After they left, Tea went upstairs so she can pack some clothes for the next couple of days. “So, where are you going to be staying, Atem”, Yugi asked him. “I’m not sure yet, little one. I’m pretty sure that if I stay with you, I probably won’t get any sleep”, he told him. Yugi smirked, which caused me to laugh. I’ve never seen him smirk before. “Ruthie, can I stay with you”, my favorite pharaoh asked. “Of course you can. Like you said, you won’t get any sleep if you stay with Yugi and Tea. By the way Yugi, how is your grandpa letting you have Tea over this long with you”, I asked him. “He said it’s ok, he really likes Tea. But he’s been wearing earplugs so he doesn’t have to hear me and Tea”, he said. I suddenly feel really sorry for Yugi’s grandpa. Tea comes down the stairs with her clothes. “Let’s go, honey”, Tea told Yugi. “See you at school, Tea. And by the way, you are coming home Monday”, I told her. She nods her head and she and Yugi leave. I close the door behind her and lock it. I sit down on the couch and relax. Atem came over and sat down next to me. I now realize that Seto is going to be angry with me for turning him down then being the pharaoh’s girlfriend within twenty minutes. As soon as I realize this, I start to cry. Atem sees the tears and gives me a hug. “What’s wrong, my love? Are you still upset over Kaiba”, he asked me. “Yeah, I am a little upset still. I just realized that I am the biggest whore ever”, I told him. “Why do you think that”, he asked me. I sob as I tell him the reason. “It isn’t your fault Ruthie; he’s the one with the ego problem. I know you forgave him, but your heart isn’t ready to heal yet. I think we rushed into this relationship a little too fast, don’t you think”, he asked me. “I agree with you. I think we are going to have to remain friends until my heart heals. Just remember that I will always love you and I always had a crush on you and I will want to be your girlfriend when my heart heals”, I told him.

My tears fall from my face and I head to my room, but not before I told the former pharaoh “You can sleep in Tea’s room”. I go into my room, shut the door and lie on my bed and cry. Why does love have to be so damn difficult? I thought I had my true love when Seto Kaiba asked me out, but then I had to break up with him because of his ego. I thought I was doing the right thing when Atem asked me to be his girl, but that didn’t help me at all. My broken heart is now worse than before and I don’t think that anything is going to fix it. I broke a heart today, and mine was broken twice. You know what they say: life truly is a bitch. I get into my pj’s and go to sleep with a very broken heart. The next morning, I wasn’t feeling any better than I did last night. I woke up in tears again, which didn’t help me at all. I had a sore throat, but that was because I was crying most of the night. I get dressed, and then went down to the kitchen, where I smelled waffles and bacon. I saw Atem making the breakfast, shirtless. I smile, but it goes away quickly when the memories of last night flood my mind. “Morning, Atem”, I said. “Morning Ruthie, did you sleep well”, he asked me. “Not really, I was crying all night. Last night took a toll on me”, I told him. “I know. I heard you crying. Come sit down and eat. I’m making chocolate chip waffles and bacon”. I sit down, where he hands me a plate with two waffles and a couple of pieces of bacon. I was so hungry, that I ate all of my food. I could feel the tears start up again when there was a knock on the door. Atem leaves the kitchen and heads to the door. Atem must have eaten already, because there were clean dishes in the cabinet when I put my dishes away. I don’t mind. I hear the door shut.

“Ruthie, can you come in here please”, Atem said to me. I head into the living room where I see him, Seto Kaiba and Mokuba sitting on the couch. I start to freak out, because I wasn’t expecting them to show up at all, especially the way I was dressed. I sit down away from them, on my chair. “Hey guys, what’s going on”, I asked slowly. Seto saw the look on my face and could tell I wasn’t exactly happy to see them. “I know I’m probably the last person you want to see right now, but I think we need to talk”, Kaiba said. I nod my head. “Fine. Start talking, Kaiba”, I answer him coldly. I never thought that I could be as mean as him. I regret acting so mean to him, but he deserves it. “Ruthie, I apologized to you already. What more do I need to do to get your trust”, he asked me. “I don’t know. I’m having serious issues here”, I answer him. “If you excuse me, I’m headed to my room.” I leave and head into my room. A couple of minutes later, there is a knock on my door. “Go away, Atem”, I said. “It isn’t Atem, it’s Mokuba”, Mokuba said. “Come on in, Mokuba, and shut the door behind you”, I told him. Mokuba comes into the room and shuts the door. He sits down in the chair next to my bed. “Ruthie, I know your upset at my brother, but why can’t you forgive him”, he asked me. “Because I am in love with two people, Mokuba. I’m still in love with your brother and I’m in love with Atem”, I tell him. “What? How the hell can you be in love with two people at once?” “I don’t know. I just want things to be normal. Can you call Seto and Atem in here for a second”, I asked him. He leaves and returns back with the two boys that I am in love with, both with confused looks on their faces. “Ruthie, what’s going on here”, Seto asked me. “Sit down. Both of you”, I tell them. Atem sits on the edge of my bed, while Seto sits in the chair that Mokuba was sitting in. “Mokuba, I need a few minutes alone with them”, I told Mokuba. “Go play the PS3”. He smiles and leaves the room, shutting the door behind him.

“Ruthie, I don’t want to hurt you anymore. Pick a side, or I’m leaving”, Atem told me. Ouch, that was cold. I didn’t want an ultimatum on my feelings. “Atem, please don’t make me do this. I can’t choose either one of you because I am in love with both of you”, I told them. They just stare at me in shock, neither of them knowing what to say to me. Seto spoke first. “Let me get this straight. You are in love with both of us”, Seto asked. “That’s right.” “I don’t know what to say to you, Ruthie. What the hell are you going to do”, Atem said. Just then, a bright idea formed in my head. “How about you two have a friendly competition; the winner gets to have my heart”, I suggested. They think about it for a few moments. “Fine, we are in. What kind of crazy shit are you going to make us do”, Seto asked. “I think that there is going to be a regular duel between you two.” They both agree. Seto and Atem went outside so they can fight over me. I groaned when I found out who won the duel, which ended up being a draw. Well, that didn’t help me any. “Now what are we going to do”, I asked them both. They both shrug their shoulders and we head back inside of the house. “Ruthie, I don’t know what we are going to do here”, Seto said to me. Mokuba then comes over to us. “Big brother, we need to go”, Mokuba told Seto. “Fine, but WE need to talk, Ruthie”, he told me. “Mokuba, hold on a second, would you”, I told him. I grab Seto and we go into my room. “Seto, I just realized that I think it would be better if we would be friends, like I told you last night. It’s going to take me awhile to get used to it”, I told Seto. “I understand. What are we going to tell the kids at school”, he asked me. “Let’s just say that we were together for a year and we just broke up over the weekend.” He agrees with me. “Well, I need to get going so I can get some work done”, Seto said. “Before you leave, would it be ok if I kissed you one last time”, I asked him. “Of course.” We kiss one last time and after we pull apart, we leave the room. Mokuba and Seto leave the house and I go back and sit next to Atem, where I tell him what just happened.

A/N: I don’t know when I will be able to put Chapter 5 up since I am still writing it, but I will have it up as soon as possible. 🙂


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