Chapter 3

A/N: Sorry if this chapter is so short, next chapter will make up for it. As always, nothing belongs to me except the original characters. Please keep reading and reviewing.

Chapter 3: The Big Breakup


The next morning, I woke up in his arms, with a smile on my face. I roll over to his side and snuggle to him. “Morning Seto”, I said. He didn’t answer. Damn, he must still be asleep. I close my eyes, but as soon as I try to fall asleep, Seto wakes up. “Good morning, Ruthie. I know you’re up”, he tells me. I sit up. I cuss in my mind, then sit up next to him. “Last night was amazing, Seto”, I said. “I know. You were amazing. Damn, you are extremely sexy”, he said with a smirk. “I know that smirk, Seto. You want to go for round two. Let me just say that I’m ready for it when you are.” He pulls me into his lap and we start to make out.

An hour later, I lay down besides Seto, tired. We just had another round of mind blowing sex, and I am wiped out. He sees the look on my face and he smirks. “Seto, I don’t think I can go for another round”, I told him. “I know”, he tells me. I then glance at his clock. It was nearly noon. “Crap! It’s almost noon. Isn’t Mokuba going to be home soon?” “Don’t you worry, honey. Here, put my shirt on.” I put his shirt on and snuggle back into bed. As soon as I snuggle closer to him, there is a knock on his door. “Come in”, Seto said. “Wait, don’t you want to know who it is”, I asked him. “It’s ok. I have a good feeling that it’s Mokuba”, he tells me. The door opens and in comes Mokuba. Damn it, I hate it when Seto is right. “Hey Mokuba”, I said. “Hey Seto, hey Ruthie”, he says. Then he looks over at me. “Ruthie, what are you doing here with my brother’s shirt on?” “Mokuba, I told you that she was going to spend the night with me last night” Seto said. Mokuba then realizes why I’m wearing Seto’s shirt and why there is a big pile of clothes in the corner. “Oh, sorry guys, I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything”, he said with a small blush on his face. “It’s ok, you weren’t interrupting anything, we were relaxing”, I said. “Sure you were, baby”, Seto said. Mokuba’s blush grew bigger. “Guys, I don’t want to know what you two were doing”, he said. Seto smirks. “Stop smirking, Seto, it isn’t funny at all”, I said. I punch him on the shoulder. “That hurt Ruthie”, Seto told me. “I know. Mokuba, I don’t want to be mean or anything, but can you leave the room for a few minutes so I can shower?” “Of course I can, Ruthie. By the way Seto, I love your hair.” He snickers. I turn to stare at his hair and I start to laugh. His hair is a complete mess, with his hair flipped all over the place. “Babe, have you seen your hair”, I asked him. “No”, he tells me. Mokuba and I start to laugh harder when he went to the mirror and looked at his hair, though he didn’t have anything on. “Good luck trying to fix that mess, babe”. Mokuba leaves the room and I start to get out of bed when Seto pulls me down and kisses me. I pull apart as soon as he tries to make it deeper. He pouts at me. “Don’t you pout at me, Seto Kaiba. I really need to shower. And it was payback for yesterday when you pulled away from me twice”, I told him. “Well sorry, babe. I didn’t mean to”, he tells me. “I know. I’m getting in the shower now, so don’t try anything stupid”. I leave to head to the shower.

Seto’s POV

As my girlfriend was taking her shower, I decided to get up and try to fix my damn hair. When I looked at it in the mirror, it was messy, which was not normal for me. I tried to comb it, but with no success. I’m going to have to shower to fix this disaster. But the hair was worth it, since I had an amazing night with my girlfriend. I feel bad for Mokuba, though. He knew that Ruthie was spending the night with me, but didn’t realize that she was going to be with me when he got home. I hear the shower go off, and my guess is that my girlfriend is out of the shower. I smile.

Ruthie’s POV

I get out of the shower and go back into the room. I see Seto there, trying to fix his hair. I giggle, and of course he sees me. I walk over to him and smirk, as I grab my clothes, which were miraculously washed. I put my clothes on and sit on the bed. “Looks like someone could use some help with his hair”, I joked. He growls at me, and I go silent. I guess Seto isn’t too happy about his hair and I wasn’t helping by laughing at him. Seto walked past me without saying anything to me and headed into the bathroom and took his shower. I go downstairs in the living room where Mokuba is playing his videogame. I sit down next to him and he pauses his game. “Ruthie, what’s wrong”, he asked me. “Nothing, Seto is just being a jerk. I think he took us making fun of his hair a little too seriously.” “I know he can be a jerk. Just leave him alone for a while and he’ll calm down.” “I hope so. But how was I supposed to know he was going to act like himself in front of me”, I asked him. Mokuba never got to answer my question, as Seto walked downstairs where I and Mokuba were sitting. He sits down next to Mokuba, who is sitting across from me. I start to wonder if he is in a really bad mood. Maybe I should leave. As I figure out what I am going to do in my mind, Seto says something. “I didn’t mean to ignore you earlier, Ruthie. I was mad that you were making fun of my hair”, he tells me. He ignored me because of HIS HAIR? I started to get very angry at him. “Let me get this straight, Kaiba”, I told him with some anger in my voice. “You ignored me because your hair was a mess from our sex? What the hell is wrong with you? You shouldn’t be mad at me because I made fun of your hair, Seto. My hair was messy too, remember? You made fun of it before we went to bed last night. I never got mad at you. I laughed along with you”, I said. Tears were now starting to form in my eyes. I rub them quickly before Seto sees that I’m crying. “Ruthie, you don’t know how long it took to fix my hair this morning after you ruined it last night and this morning”, he said. “I RUINED it? Well if you didn’t want your precious hair ruined, maybe you shouldn’t have slept with me, Seto. You know what, I’m done. I’m done with your ego and everything else. I’m leaving”, I told him.

The tears rolled down my face as I left the mansion. I get my phone out and as soon as I start to dial Tea’s number, Mokuba came out and ran over to me. “What does your brother want now, Mokuba”, I asked him acidly. “Whoa, Ruthie, take it easy on me”, Mokuba said. “Sorry. I didn’t mean it. So what’s going on?” The tears on my face go down harder. Mokuba pulls me into a hug and I cry into his shoulders. “Ruthie, Seto didn’t mean it”, he said. I pull up from his shoulder. “Yes he did Mokuba. I know he did. He’s coldhearted and doesn’t care about anything but you, himself and his company, and his money. Thanks for trying to cheer me up, but it isn’t working. I’m going home now.” I leave and walk, still crying my ass off. I walk a few miles, and then I see a car pull up to me. I continue walking when I heard a very familiar voice. “Ruthie, is that you”, I heard someone say. I turn around and it’s Tea. I run to her and give her a hug. We get into the car when Tea notices my tears. “Ruthie, what’s wrong? Did you and Kaiba break up”, she asked me. “Yea we did. His ego got into the way”, I told her. “I’m the one who broke up with him. I don’t like him anymore. He accused me of ruining his hair when we had sex last night and earlier this morning.” “It’s going to be ok, besides I have a huge surprise for you when we get home.” “Ok. Tea, you are the best sister ever. I love you”, I tell her. “Love you too, Ruthie.” When we got home, I was much happier and I wasn’t thinking of my now ex-boyfriend. We get into the house and on the couch in front of me was a very familiar spikey haired person. “Yugi, it is so good to see you”, I said. Yugi got up off the couch and gave me a huge hug. “I know. How was your date with…?” Tea stopped him. “Not now, Yugi. She and Seto broke up”, she tells him. “Oh. Sorry Ruthie”, he said to me. “It’s ok, I’m in a very good mood now”, I told him. “It gets better Ruthie”, Tea told me. “Do you want to tell her, Yugi”, Tea asked him. “Yes I would. Ruthie, you need to go up to your room and look at your surprise”, he says to me. I wonder what else is going to happen. I head to my room and open the door and then I scream.

A/N: I wonder who is in Ruthie’s room? The answer to this question will be revealed in the next chapter. Thanks to everyone who has read this story and reviewed it, put me on author alerts and story alerts. I really appreciate it, so keep reading the story!



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