Chapter 2

Here’s chapter 2. I am really sorry it is short. The next chapter is short too, but I am working on a longer chapter for this story.WARNING: Lemon ahead. You have been warned. I don’t own anything but my characters in this story.

Chapter 2: The Date

We go inside and he leads me to his dining room, which was pretty damn big. What does he need with this big of a dining room for? There’s only two people eating at that table. And one of them is sitting across from me. I wonder what in the world that we are going to do for dinner. I don’t worry about it that much, though. The chef comes out of the kitchen and brings us our dinner. He puts the plate down in front of us and it is a really nice steak dinner with a baked potato with my favorite toppings: sour cream and onion. I smile, trying to figure out how Seto knew that those were my favorite toppings on a baked potato. I stop worrying about it and dig into my food. After dinner, I go up into the bathroom so I can wash my mouth out. After I get done in there, I walk into the living room where Kaiba is waiting for me with open arms. He grabs my hand and we head out the door to Kaiba Land.

On the way there however, we couldn’t stop talking to each other. “I’m having a great time, Seto. Thanks for taking me”, I said. “It’s not a problem at all, Ruthie. I’m glad you are going with me. I wasn’t going to mention this at all, but what is your sister doing right now”, he asked. “Well, right now she’s probably still on her date with Yugi”. “Your sister is dating my worst enemy?” “Yeah. Tea and Yugi are together now. I’m not surprised though. Tea had a huge crush on Yugi. I’m glad she did something about her crush.” “I think this is totally ironic, don’t you think”, Seto asked me. “What do you mean Seto”, I asked. “I mean that your sister is dating my enemy and you’re dating me, which Yugi hates.” “Yugi is going to have to accept us, babe. I had to tell him so he didn’t have to ask Tea what was going on with me.” He is silent for a few moments then speaks. “That’s fine, but I hope that this doesn’t change the fact that we are supposed to hate each other. Do Yugi and I have to get along?” “You are going to have to when you two aren’t dueling each other, and before you ask, you do need to stop calling Joey a dog and you need to stop making fun of Tristan. But when you are dueling Yugi, all bets are off. That includes if you ever duel Tristan or Joey.” He smirked. “Fine.” “I’m glad you think so.” “I know this, Ruthie. So I was wondering, do I have to drop you off at home at a certain time?” “No, you don’t. Tea called me earlier before you came and picked me up and told me that she’s spending the night with Yugi, so there is no rush on bringing me home”, I said.

The limo stops and we end up at Kaiba Land. We get out of the limo and walk inside the amusement park. I look around and then I am in complete shock. I haven’t been with Seto for more than a few days and he’s already made sure that the people who work here know my name and that I get in free. “Seto, you didn’t have to do this for me”, I said with a smile on my face. “I know”, he said. “But you deserve it and besides, when you are with me, you get whatever the hell you want, whenever you want it.” “Cool. Now, let’s go ride some rides”. We go off onto some rides and ride them. As soon as we hit the rollercoasters, I tell Seto that I’m a little scared because I’ve never actually ridden a rollercoaster before. He tells me that I’m going to be fine and he holds my hand while we are riding the rollercoasters, which I think was really sweet of him. I screamed on all of the rollercoasters and he didn’t seem to mind. “Man, that was one crazy coaster”, I told Seto as we got off the final rollercoaster. “I know. It was fun though.” I smile. We walk towards a long tunnel and I find out that it’s another ride. “Seto, what is this ride?” “Tunnel of Love”, he tells me. He smirks. “What are you smirking about?” He doesn’t answer; instead he just pulls me into the tunnel with him and we get into the boat. As the ride started, I pulled myself closer to Seto and put my head on his shoulder. He smiles, as the boat is sailing slowly in the tunnel. I feel myself relax around his beautiful smile. Then suddenly, the ride stopped. I start to freak out, but Seto calmed me down. “Seto, why did the ride stop”, I asked him. “I don’t know. Just relax, honey. I’m sure it was just a small problem or something,” he tells me. Great! I’m stuck here in the middle of the Tunnel of Love ride and there are no lights. How am I going to calm down? Just then, the lights turn back on, but the ride still isn’t moving. I start to cry as Seto pulls me into his lap. “Baby, please stop crying. Things will be ok.” Just then, he pulls my face towards him and kisses me. I stop crying and kiss him back. Instead of him pulling away, he pulls me closer to deepen the kiss. The kiss deepens and I moan softly in his mouth. We stay like that for ten minutes and then pull apart. Seto then starts to nibble on my neck, causing me to moan loudly. “Seto, what are you doing?” He stops. As soon as he does, I push him to the bottom of the boat, get on top of him and start to suck on his neck. He moans as I pull him up and I start to kiss him. I deepen the kiss as he puts one of his hands underneath my shirt and tries to pull it off, but then the lights turn off and on and then the boat moves. We pull apart. I fix my shirt and we just stare forward. I couldn’t help but notice that Seto was extremely turned on, and it wasn’t helping that I was turned on as well. “DAMN IT,” Seto yelled. I couldn’t help but agree with him on that.

The ride ended and both Seto and I were extremely pissed off that we couldn’t finish what we started. We walk over to a nearby bench, when Seto asked me something. “Had the ride not get fixed, would we have gone all of the way”? “I don’t know. I’m pretty sure we would have though. How about we leave, now? It’s been a long night.” I looked at my watch and it was 11 o clock. “That’s fine with me. Did you still want ice cream?” “I think I’m good. Besides, I found something else that I want to suck on.” He stares at me, then smirks. “Let’s go back to my place. You said that Tea wasn’t going to be home, right?” “No, she shouldn’t be home. I need to call her real quick. Is it ok if I call her?” “It’s fine”. I walk away to somewhere where he can’t hear my conversation. I call her. “Hello”, she answered. “Hey Tea, I was wondering if you were still with Yugi”, I asked her. “Of course I am. I’m spending the night, remember?” “Tea, I didn’t forget. I just want to let you know if you get home before me tomorrow, don’t freak out. I’m spending the night with Seto.” “Really? Have fun with that. Oh and one more thing, I lost my um…” “Don’t worry about it Tea. The way me and Seto were in the Tunnel of Love ride tonight, I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna lose my virginity by the end of tonight”, I told her. “Ruthie, that’s great, but I’m extremely tired. I had no idea that having sex will tire you out. I’ll see you tomorrow, hopefully”. “Ok Tea, I’ll see you tomorrow. Behave and don’t have too much fun.” We hang up and I walk back over to Seto, who was on the phone himself. I wait patiently, then he hangs his phone up. I sit on his lap and kiss him. He pulls me closer to him again and makes the kiss more passionate, which made me moan loud. As soon as we pull apart, I ask him “Who were you on the phone with, baby?” “I was on the phone with Mokuba, telling him that to not come home before noon tomorrow. He’s spending the night at a friend’s house”, he said. “Mmn, that’s perfect”, I said. I get off his lap and we walk over to the limo so we can get back to Seto’s place for a night I would never forget. When we got back into the limo, Seto pulls me into his lap (for the second time, but I didn’t care) and started to suck on my neck. I moan, for what is like the third time tonight, and grind on him, which makes him moan like crazy. The limo starts to move, which caused me to fall off his lap and onto the floor. I move back to my seat, with my head on his shoulder.

“Baby”, he said. “I’m extremely horny and I don’t know if I can wait until we get back to my place”. I smirk. “I know. I’m horny too, but we are almost there, so you only have to wait another five minutes”, I tell him. I hear him growl silently. Five minutes later, we are back at his mansion. Seto literally got out of the limo, shut his door closed and ran over to my side of the limo and carried me out of there and into the mansion.

We head inside and as soon as the door is shut, Seto crashes his lips onto mine. “Damn”, I thought. “He doesn’t waste time”. I make the kiss deeper as he picks me up bridal style and carries me to his room. He puts me on down on his very comfortable king sized bed and then gets on top of me and starts kissing everything, from my mouth to my neck, which was already showing love bites from him sucking my neck earlier (not like I was complaining or anything..) which once again, made me moan like crazy. I felt him smirk into my neck. He pulls away. As soon as he does that, I get up off the bed, then pull him onto the bed, climb up on top of him and start to kiss him. He puts his hands inside my shirt and tries to pull it off. I pull off of him so he can pull my shirt off, which he does quickly. He pulls me back down as I start to pull off his shirt, but with little success. He laughs; as I try again and finally get his shirt off. I couldn’t stop staring at his chest and abs. “Damn”, was my first thought. “He must work out!” I stop staring, as he tried to get my attention back on him. “Sorry”, I said. “I couldn’t help myself. You are too damn sexy”. He chuckles. He continues his assault on my neck, then goes down towards my chest area and kisses in between them. I’m really turned on by this. He pulls me up gently so he can get my bra off, which he does with one hand. I’m surprised by this, as I never knew that he could do that. As soon as my bra is off, I unbutton his pants and get them off of him. I can see now how turned on he is by me, and I can’t complain about that. He’s hard as a rock. He goes back and starts to suck on my boobs. I moan loudly as he does this. “Ugh, that feels amazing.” He stops. “Baby, why’d you stop”, I whined at him. Yes, I whined at him like a little kid, but I didn’t care. I was so turned on by the way he sucked on my breasts. He smirked at me as he went down lower to kiss my stomach, and then unbuttoned my pants so he could get them off of me. I lift my ass up so he can get them off, but Seto apparently had another plan, as he not only pulled my pants off of me, but also my underwear. After he throws the rest of the clothes on the pile that was growing, I removed Seto’s boxers and threw them with the rest of the pile. The anticipation was killing me, as he kissed me slowly. We pull apart. “Honey, I don’t want to hurt you. Are you sure you want this”, he asked me.

“I may be a virgin, Seto, but this is something I want. I trust you completely”, I told him. “Fine, but I’ll go easy to start. Just tell me…” “Seto, I’ll be fine”. He doesn’t answer me, he thrusts into me. I wince in pain. Seto looks at me funny. “Babe, I’m fine. Just go slow”. He sits there for a few moments, letting me adjust to his size, which let me tell you was pretty damn big. He then moves slowly, and then the pain of him inside of me slowly disappeared. “Seto, go faster,” I tell him. He goes faster and I moan in pleasure, causing me to arch my back. A few moments later, he pulls out. “Ruthie, ride me”, he tells me. I go on top of him and start riding him like I’m on a bull in the rodeo. I speed up, causing him to moan. “Fuck baby that feels amazing”, he moans. After a couple of minutes of riding Seto, I get off of him and onto my knees so he could fuck me doggy style, which made me moan like I was in heaven. A half hour later, I was on the bottom and Seto was thrusting nice and fast. I could feel some pressure in my stomach, which meant that I wasn’t going to hold on much longer. I could tell that Seto wasn’t gonna last much longer either, because his face showed his pleasure. He leans down and bites my neck, which caused me to get my release.”Seto, AHH”, I moaned very loudly. He thrusted into me a couple of more times when he got his release and spilled his load into me. “Uhhhhhhhhhhgggg, Ruthie”, he moaned. He pulls out of me and we relax. I feel some burning in me, but not much. “Baby, I feel some burning in me. Is that normal”, I asked him. “Yeah, that’s normal. It will go away soon”, he tells me. “Oh, by the way, your hair is a mess.” I laugh along with him when I notice my hair in the mirror. I get back into bed with him and snuggle closer to him and we pull what was left of the clean sheets over us and we fall asleep in each other’s arms.



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