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Published 11/02/2011 by setosangel

Mood: Bliss
Listening to: Fever by Adam Lambert
Reading: manga
Watching: Yugioh Abridged
Playing: Super Mario
Eating: Nothing.. Yet.
Drinking: Water.
So. I’m thinking about getting a tattoo.. and I’ve got some sort of idea that involves my favorite Abridged Series: TeamFourStar, Yugioh Abridged, and DarkSideIncorporated’s Yugioh GX Abridged. My idea is that to have the Winged Kuriboh holding the Four Star Dragonball, while wearing leather pants?… I’m still thinking here… Gah. And also, since I didn’t post it here yet, My congrats go out to LittleKuriboh and Marianne Miller for getting married last Saturday night.. 😀


OMG! I am sooo obsessed..

Published 06/04/2011 by setosangel

Yeah, that’s right. I’m talking about Dragonball Z abridged, made by Teamfourstar. They are a bunch of geniuses!!!!  I am hooked on the series. I am still watching YGOTAS though. I haven’t gotten any sleep since I started watching TFS. I AM very pissed that they took both of LK’s YouTube accounts down. I love being random… But seriously., I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything on WordPress. Truth is, I’ve been busy with school and dealing with some personal issues. So anyways, I was trying to get some sleep when my sister wanted to talk to me about practically anything. So we ended up talking about DBZ, then YGO and how some people should be together and whatnot. Then my brain thought of something ingenious: mixing DBZ and YGO together. Now I know that sounds stupid, but I couldn’t stop thinking of it last night, when I was sleeping. And these are the pairings I came up with(with some help from my sister and one of my friends). I’m trying to think of some more pairings, but it’s a little tough. If you guys can help, that would be good. And please don’t say I’m weird for this. Now I know most of the pairings, with the exception of Bulma/Kaiba is yaoi, and one of them is yuri, but since my mind apparently revolves around those two, then I guess the pairings you make are fair game. Smile

DBZ/YGO Pairings!

1. Vegeta/Kaiba

2. Chichi and Tea

3. Bulma/Kaiba

4. Joey/Goku

5. Yugi/Krillin

6. Yami/Mr.Popo

7. Marik/Ginyu

Yeah, if you could help that would be great. Thanks!

Ok, Fanfiction.net is officially pissing me the hell off.

Published 03/28/2011 by setosangel

Seriously. I can’t even update my stories or even add new ones. It’s pissing me off. So, in spite of that, I’m gonna stop posting on ff.net right now until they get this fixed. Here’s the letter I sent to them.

To those who run Fanfiction.net,

Please fix the updating problem. I would like to update my stories please. Also, please fix the search engine. I want to search for stories to read while I wait for you to fix the updating problem. I have been having this problem for at least a week now. I would appreciate it if you would fix it please. I don’t know what is going on with the site, but I’m pretty sure that most of the users on the site, me included, would like to update and add new stories to our account please. I’m not trying to be mean here, but I would appreciate it if you fix it immediately.

Sincerely, a very upset fanfiction.net user 


aka RuthieElz. 


I swear, if they don’t get this problem fixed, I’m moving to another fanfiction site for my stories. *annoyed*

Random Dream

Published 01/25/2011 by setosangel

Ok, I had a weird dream last night and I want to see what people think. I know I am being totally random here, but I think it will fit in this section quite well. Ok, here goes. I wake up after dreaming of Seto Kaiba in a dress. Here’s where it gets weird for me. Yami had his hair different and he said he didn’t love Seto anymore. Seto got mad, but then Yami took it back. Mind you, Seto was still in a freaking dress. Well, Seto didn’t take too well to that, so Seto told Yami that HE (he being Seto)didn’t love him anymore and then stomps off. I wake up thinking: WHAT THE HELL! Yeah, that was one hell of a dream.
So I must ask: Am I crazy for dreaming this? Or has my mind gone nuts?