June 12, 2011

Published 06/12/2011 by setosangel

Ok, it’s been almost a year since I graduated high school. And well, I haven’t done anything. I haven’t written chapters to my stories(but that’s because of school). I swear, I will finish my stories sometime this summer. But right now, I’m sick as a damn dog and I barely have enough energy to finish this blog post. So, today, instead of writing my stories(LIKE I SHOULD BE DOING) I’m going to put random videos on this blog for you to watch. And yeah, I’m back to the habit of watching old kids cartoons again. (I got my dad to watch Cow and Chicken with me last night, for crying out loud.)  And one more thing: I HATE BEING SICK!!!


And lately, I’ve been on a Vegeta kick here. So yeah. I don’t own this video.


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