OMG! I am sooo obsessed..

Published 06/04/2011 by setosangel

Yeah, that’s right. I’m talking about Dragonball Z abridged, made by Teamfourstar. They are a bunch of geniuses!!!!  I am hooked on the series. I am still watching YGOTAS though. I haven’t gotten any sleep since I started watching TFS. I AM very pissed that they took both of LK’s YouTube accounts down. I love being random… But seriously., I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything on WordPress. Truth is, I’ve been busy with school and dealing with some personal issues. So anyways, I was trying to get some sleep when my sister wanted to talk to me about practically anything. So we ended up talking about DBZ, then YGO and how some people should be together and whatnot. Then my brain thought of something ingenious: mixing DBZ and YGO together. Now I know that sounds stupid, but I couldn’t stop thinking of it last night, when I was sleeping. And these are the pairings I came up with(with some help from my sister and one of my friends). I’m trying to think of some more pairings, but it’s a little tough. If you guys can help, that would be good. And please don’t say I’m weird for this. Now I know most of the pairings, with the exception of Bulma/Kaiba is yaoi, and one of them is yuri, but since my mind apparently revolves around those two, then I guess the pairings you make are fair game. Smile

DBZ/YGO Pairings!

1. Vegeta/Kaiba

2. Chichi and Tea

3. Bulma/Kaiba

4. Joey/Goku

5. Yugi/Krillin

6. Yami/Mr.Popo

7. Marik/Ginyu

Yeah, if you could help that would be great. Thanks!


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