The Irony

Published 02/23/2011 by setosangel

First of all, I’ve lost a bunch of weight, and I’m extremely happy about it.. But the reason for this update is that I met a cute guy today on the bus who likes Prideshipping just as much as I do and I managed to get his number. The irony of this is that his name is Seth, and well if you know Ancient Egypt with Yami, then you should know why this is so ironic… lmao. So anyways, I told Hathor about it(well rather, she said something first, since she read my status) and this is how it went:

Toka Atef says

…*<<>> shouldn’t it be the other way round? he asking for YOUR number? *<<>>
Ruthie Muller says
it should.. but it didnt work like that today.. im happy though.. this guy was cute
Toka Atef says
(haha) xD
cute guys will be cute.
Ruthie Muller says
ironicly though, he also is a prideshipping fan
Toka Atef says
(haha) !
where did you FIND him!
Ruthie Muller says
on the bus…. 
Toka Atef says
(aww2) i want one.
Ruthie Muller says
while i was on my way to school
Toka Atef says
oh yes…school’s postponed
Ruthie Muller says
lol.. .but seriously, Seth(The Cute Guy) wouldnt stop talking about Seto and Yami..
Toka Atef says
what irony.
his name is seth~
Ruthie Muller says
Yeah.. i was gigiling to myself when i heard his name… LMAO.. he heard me laugh and he asked me why i was giggling and i told him why
it was quite funny


Personally, today so far has been AWESOME. XD

UPDATE: Hathor is getting a really good laugh outta this…

And she thinks I’m a cookie.. Great…


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