Random Dream

Published 01/25/2011 by setosangel

Ok, I had a weird dream last night and I want to see what people think. I know I am being totally random here, but I think it will fit in this section quite well. Ok, here goes. I wake up after dreaming of Seto Kaiba in a dress. Here’s where it gets weird for me. Yami had his hair different and he said he didn’t love Seto anymore. Seto got mad, but then Yami took it back. Mind you, Seto was still in a freaking dress. Well, Seto didn’t take too well to that, so Seto told Yami that HE (he being Seto)didn’t love him anymore and then stomps off. I wake up thinking: WHAT THE HELL! Yeah, that was one hell of a dream.
So I must ask: Am I crazy for dreaming this? Or has my mind gone nuts?


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