January 7, 2011

Published 01/07/2011 by setosangel

     It’s finally Friday, which means it’s going to be a good weekend, hopefully. I survived my first week of Winter Quarter, and I’m already writing articles for the school newspaper. I’m going to have a busy time this quarter, with me taking 17 credits. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking either. But anyways, I’m going to be so busy that I probably won’t have time to update my stories. I was writing a yugioh 5d’s one, but my beta reader(I’m not naming who) lost the damn file, which means I don’t have it. I had forgotten to save it and there’s no way in hell I am going to re-write it.  So unfortunately, I won’t be writing a 5d’s one anytime soon.  I will update the sequel to my HIFILWSKAA. as soon as my writer’s block leaves. Oh and I’m glad that LittleKuriboh got his YouTube account back, after getting it removed for the third time.  I managed to get my friend hooked on YGOTAS, while he got me hooked on TeamFourStar’s DBZ Abridged. I love watching it, it makes me laugh. My favorite characters have to be Vegeta, Ghost Nappa, and Krillon. I keep saying “Goddamn it Nappa!” Lol. I’ll be back again to write.

In the meantime, why don’t you checkout LittleKuriboh or TeamFourStar’s stuff.

TeamFourStar’s YouTube

LittleKuriboh’s YouTube

Team FourStar’s Official Page

LK’s Official Page

Oh and for those who love to make funny Yugioh Cards, here’s the link for that site:

Yugioh Card Maker

I know I shouldn’t make so many damn plugs, but I needed to post it anyways. Have a great day(or night, depending where you are) everyone.


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