October 24, 2010

Published 10/24/2010 by setosangel

Today was a very lazy day for me. We didn’t really do anything today because my mom was sick and we didn’t have to go anywhere. I enjoyed my day sitting here at my laptop, on the Yugioh Abridged Series website, becoming a very crazy Bakura fan girl. I can’t help it though; I am obsessed with him. I am totally hyped up right now on Pixy Stix, which isn’t a good thing at all for me. I love the fact that I keep a level head while I am on a sugar high. I’ve been watching a ton of Yugioh episodes lately, but that’s because there is nothing ever on TV anymore. I seem to be getting more obsessed by the minute. I listen to the music and it keeps my mind off of my former high school crush, Korie Sherman. I can’t help but miss him dearly, but that’s just my brain telling me this. I also read a lot of fan fiction today. Tomorrow is Monday, which means I have to go to school. It also means that it is Seto Kaiba’s birthday. Man, I have issues because I am such a fan girl.. *screams I LOVE YOU SETO, then faints*. See what I mean? I can be nuts at times, but that doesn’t mean that I can not be a total spazz. The following video is a tribute that someone else made of Seto Kaiba clips in the YGOTABS. I  think it’s funny as hell. My favorite quote of all time: “Screw the rules, I have money” and “Shut up Mokuba”. I’m going to post a link to the songs of the abridged series that I think is very funny to hear. http://www.yugiohtheabridgedseries.com/page-media

These songs are hilarious and you should listen to them all.. Oh and I am going to add a video of Bakura, which makes me laugh every time I hear it.

That’s it for now. I’ll write again tomorrow. Happy Birthday Seto Kaiba!

*Screams I FREAKING LOVE YOU SETO AND BAKURA, then passes out because they smile at me*



A Bakura Tribute to all of the crazy fans, including me.


Seto Kaiba is Awesome. Happy Birthday!

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