October 22, 2010

Published 10/22/2010 by setosangel

Today has been an eventful day, considering I am now starting to feel the pain of stuff I have to do for college. I’m the vice president of the Associated Women’s Society, which takes up a crapload of my time, but I don’t care. I love being the vice president, but it is taking a toll on my sleep. I need my sleep, but I can’t sleep if I am doing work for the club. Coffee doesn’t keep me up; listening to Yugioh Abridged music, namely “Leather Pants” and “Leather Shoes”. I am highly addicted to the Yugioh Abridged series, and the original series, of course. I can’t stand GX or 5D’s; they annoy the crap out of me. The music takes my mind out of school while I am working on my personal fan fiction, entitled “An Untitled Seto Kaiba Love Story”. Hot smile I haven’t finished it yet, but I am slowly working on it. I’ll have the first four chapters up shortly. Enough about Yugioh, now it’s time to talk about wrestling. As you probably read in my first post, I don’t watch wrestling that much anymore because of my college schedule, which takes a toll on me. I love to watch it when I can, though. My favorite wrestlers are Triple H and Randy Orton.

It’s time for me to get some sleep now. I’m going to put up the first four chapters of AUSKLS, so please read and be kind about it!

Peace and Love,



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